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Dr. Stanley Plotkin Full 2018 Vaccine Court Case Deposition

Dr. Stanley Plotkin Full 2018 Vaccine Court Case Deposition

Stanley Plotkin - Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines

The pro-vax side has, in the past, claimed that no vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue. In the video, Paul Offit admits that several were developed using tissue cultured from 2 European elective abortions. In same video, Plotkin testifies under oath that in one single vaccine study in which he participated, over 75 elective abortion fetuses were chopped up and used. Moreover, he claimed to have participated in several such studies, but did not have an exact count of the total number of aborted children used (presumably some number between 100 and 10000?). Plotkin is responsible for developing several vaccines, and is a pioneer in the field; his thick book on the topic is a standard reference. He’s also an admitted atheist and has no moral problem with using the fetal tissue.

The medical field lies continuously about vaccines derived from aborted fetal cells.

they tested on mental retarded children. They tested on all of society.

On January 11, 2018, Stanley A. Plotkin, MD testified during a Vaccine Court Case in Oakland County, Michigan. Listen to what he has to say about the way aborted fetal cells were used in the production of vaccines.

1:21:00 I don't do it for the money
1:24:00 Would you remember if you were paid 6 million dollars?
2:44:00 Rotavirus conflict of interest
2:50:30 Working Group ACIP discussions
2:53:00 There's a gavel with my name on it
3:17:00 Is 5 days long enough?
3:32:00 There was no placebo group?
3:45:20 The package insert for MMR2
3:59:20 "Serious Adverse Events"
4:24:20 The GARDASIL/saline Placebo Contol
4:48:00 "Double-blind works if you want to be certain, but..."
5:33:00 Do vaccines cause autism?
5:43:00 Shouldn't you wait?
6:05:00 We've been asking for 30 years
6:09:00 The only placebo vs. vaccine study results
6:58:00 A letter to HHS
7:05:30 What kind of antigens are in vaccines?
7:11:33 Calf serum, guinea pig cells, and cow's milk
7:39:20 Does Aluminum bind to cells?
7:43:10 How many fetuses' have you worked with?
7:43:57 fetus aborted
7:50:40 Did you used orphans to test an experimental disease 13 years AFTER the Nuremberg Code?
7:54:02 The letter to the editor of Ethics of Human Experimentation - "It's unlike Nazi philosophy"
7:56:00 The 1959 experiments on over 1 million locals under Colonial Rule in the Congo has no samples left
8:02:50 Do you take issues with Religious beliefs?
8:12:00 Since you're so interested in my income...
8:18:30 Are you asking me if I'm launching AIDS?!
8:27:00 Pertussis transmission and the Warfel studies
8:31:00 How do you define an Anti-Vaxer?
8:47:30 Harvard's Study of VAERS Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System finds less than 1% are reported

they delete most of Vaers and most doctors will NOT fill out a case for you.

He constantly lies and says, but they were not used in the vaccines, they were taken out before the vaccines were used; he lies.

tested on mentally handicapped and orphans
they tested on all of humanity through vaccines

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