EXPOSED: Truth Behind COVID & Vax Dangers-Unbreakable Reloaded 2/10

Published September 20, 2022 483 Views

Jonathon Otto Covers:
•Dr. Bryan Arids is revealing shocking information about how they created a so-called virus using weaponized venom… And then sold us the solution - an antivenom… Which is being disguised as a vaccine

•Dr. Judy Mikovits is uncovering how vaccines are really bioweapons that can be designed to target specific groups of people, to cause specific diseases, and, more shockingly… Can be designed to make people highly susceptible to their own environments!

•Dr. Rashid Buttar discusses how these mRNA murder weapons are poisoning our bodies and the side effects are immediate…

•Thomas Renz an attorney is sharing the latest about his fight, along with other powerful advocates, on how they are making progress to overturn the mandates and many injustices that people have dealt with during the plandemic.

Unbreakable Reloaded DVD series

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