Creating Treebard's Assertions & Sources Dialog 195

1 year ago

In this video: Continuing to input new assertions to the family tree. Because of Treebard's assertions feature, you don't have to make two conclusions about the same thing to record conflicting data. The assertions feature also encourages the user to name his theory when using it as a source, making it convenient to keep track of theories and hunches--and their side effects--instead of having them float around wreaking havoc anonymously.

Treebard GPS is a showcase of genealogy software (genieware) functionalities, a work in progress that's intended to demonstrate user interface features and data structures that are considerably better than what's generally available in existing genealogy apps.

Treebard GPS is free, open source, public domain, family tree software being created by Scott Robertson a.k.a. Uncle Buddy a.k.a. Professor U. d'Guru.
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