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Alien Chronicles (01) - DOLORES CANNON: Past-Life Regressionist

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Primarily known as a past life regressive therapist, Dolores Cannon reveals her experiences as an Alien and U.F.O. investigator, citing compelling cases of alien abductions and communications with E.T.s. Unaccounted time, the seeding of Earth, the E.T. cover-up, crashed U.F.O. cases, what the Greys truly are and mankind's future on the New Earth are but a few provocative topics Cannon discusses.

From the dawn of mankind, they have been here guiding us, monitoring us, perhaps helping us with our advancement, but also manipulating us to some kind of end game. No, we are not alone and never were. From the true stories of credible eyewitnesses, learn fascinating insight into the Alien Presence on Earth and what it may mean for mankind.

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