I review We Buy Black, a Black Seller's Only Marketplace.

Published July 25, 2022 15 Views

Imagine if you had to prove your race and ethnicity to sell on Amazon.
Thank God that Amazon doesn't care were you grandparents came from. Not so with We Buy Black Marketplace. I reviewed this marketplace only to find out that I can't sell on it because I'm not black. That whole philosophy is seems 100% opposite of the Black Lives Matter movement, unless I've misunderstood the message. I thought the black community wanted to be equal and on a fair playing field, not one like this where skin color determines who can sell on a platform. If not, that sets up a precedence for every other ethnicity and culture to create exclusive and non-diverse marketplaces. Its ultimately going to be one or the other. I wouldn't buy from the stores on this platform for the same reasons I won't shop from stores and businesses the put their politics and social agendas before people. Why would I want to support a store owner or marketplace where they care about my race, ethnicity, gender, religion or even politics are concerned. A customer is a customer, and if you are going to be a store, business or corporation you better keep that in mind, before everyone else decides to become exclusive, non-diverse and concerned about you.

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