EPOCH TIMES EXCLUSIVE: J6 Attorneys ID More Than EIGHTY "Suspicious Actors" Not Being Sought By FBI

Attorney Brad Geyer has filed a motion with the federal government to determine the identities of more than 80 "suspicious actors" who were filmed committing a multitude of crimes on January 6th. None of the individuals identified by Geyer have been arrested or placed on the FBI's J6 "Wanted" list.

In this brief clip from the Epoch Times documentary, "The Real Story of January 6th," Epoch Times reporters Joe Hanneman and Joshua Phillip discuss the import of footage of 2 of these "suspicious actors" recorded by The Truth Is Viral Publisher Bobby Powell, and what it could mean to the investigation of what really happened on January 6th.

You can watch the entire documentary, which also features J6 reporter Julie Kelly and Trump National Security Advisor Kash Patel, here:

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