11 months ago

Parables From God's Heart - King of Love

The Creator is Love Himself. "David" is the Word "Love". Hidden beneath the story of King David lives the, word for word, story of the Creator as the "King of Love". It lives in perfect Hebrew. The Creator is the Original Bleeding Heart Romantic. He is a Spirit. When he speaks he speaks spiritual words to our heart. This means; the Paleo Hebrew was "Tribal" in that every word occurs "Naturally" and "Spiritually". This is well proven. Therefore, just beneath the skin of every natural story is a spiritual story. We call this "Indian Talk". When Yeshua (Jesus) came in the 1st century no one understood his manner of speech. He said his Words are "Spirit and Live". Since Yeshua is the "WORD" made flesh, the entire WORD or Scripture is a spiritual love story of Words of Spirit and Life to us. We just missed it because we were under a veil of carnality. In this series, we will unveil the Mystery of God, One Word at a time.

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