The Big Questions with Big John - Daniel L. Schmutter, Libertarian Lawyer

1 year ago

The Big Questions with Big John is an interview show where our own Big John gets the opportunity to have conversations with interesting people from all walks of life.

In this episode, Big John chats with Daniel Schmutter, a #libertarian lawyer who devotes much of his law practice to Civil Rights and Constitutional Law, focusing on #FirstAmendment, #SecondAmendment, #FifthAmendment, and #FourteenthAmendment issues.

00:00 Opening
03:15 How did a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx turn into a Libertarian?
07:40 The definition of a "right"
14:15 Do we have a right to hate speech?
19:30 Social media is an incredible tool to expand the marketplace of ideas
21:45 Dan HATES "linksplaining"!
23:30 Critical thinking is dead
31:45 Did Donald Trump incite a riot on January 6th?
35:00 Was Trump treated fairly by the media?
38:45 Dan responds to the perception that libertarians are uncaring ghouls
42:30 Dan breaks down the Bruen decision + the amicus curiae brief he filed in the case #2A
1:00:30 The meaning of Originalism
1:06:30 Breaking down the Dobbs decision which overturned #RoevWade
1:17:14 Technical difficulties!
1:17:18 We're back!
1:39:45 Breaking down the Kennedy v. Bremerton decision #1A
1:52:30 Dan answers some Silly Questions

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