First Confirmed Sighting Of Incredibly Rare Oarfish In The Great Barrier Reef

Published June 30, 2022 74,434 Views $38.80 earned

Oarfish are an incredibly rare species but have only been spotted in their adult form - this video captures a juvenile oarfish swimming in the Great Barrier Reef for the first time.

Tahn Miller was diving with his camera when he spotted the 35cm specimen and recorded the shimmering long body that eventually grows out to 15 metres in length.

Tahn said: "In this video, professional photographer Markus Mende takes precious photographs of the first known encounter of a juvenile oarfish, otherwise known as Regalecus russellii, not only on the Great Barrier Reef but across the eastern sea board of Australia.

"Instantly I knew we were witnessing something extraordinarily rare."


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