PhD Student Shows A Day In The Life Of A Scientist At Sea

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This PhD student showed what a typical day is like as a fisheries researcher at sea.

Marine scientist Georgia Third, 23, was in Chatham Rise, an area of ocean floor to the east of New Zealand, on a research trip which was funded through an ambassadorship from environmental organisation, BLAKE.

She wanted to show the world a day in her life living on a boat, including the important research they do, to where they sleep and what food they eat.

However, life on the boat isn't always simple, as Georgia shows how a windy day can lead to her fighting to put her shoes on and that the crew have limited internet on deck, so rely on news channels and games to keep them occupied.

Georgia took her followers on a tour around the boat, showing off the long windy corridors and the equipment and radars they use.

She also explained what research they do on the boat and showed how fish are dropped down from above deck to be organised into species, before they're weighed and measured.

They then calculate the gender, which is vital data they need to monitor the fish.

Georgia said: "I wanted to show my experience and a bit of behind the scenes to the world.

"I had such a great time at sea, it's a very unique experience and was such a privilege to have took part.

"A lot of people love it and find it interesting but for others it's quite confronting to see how fish are harvested and the scale at which fish are caught.

"However, the fish in the video are caught on quite a small scale for research, we're not trying to catch lots of fish. Commercial fishing catches are much much larger.

"I am a recently appointed Fulbright Scholar and about to move to the University of California Santa Cruz, to conduct further research on fish ecosystems."




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