Free Minecraft World for building harbors, ports, tropical cities
This is an original customizable world to build your Minecraft Survival or Adventure World in. Created in Minecraft Bedrock. You’ll be able to start building right away without the need to clear land, remove mountains, etc. It’s located on the ocean front, adjoined by a beautiful forest.
Located along the ocean coast
Located along a beautiful and handsome forest
20 block bedrock foundation to build upon. This allows you to limit mining directly under your town or city environment and provides an easy location for hiding your command blocks.
Already built-in command area under the bedrock, ready for building and coding for your adventure or survival game rules.
Built-in customizable world spawn point, allows you to easily determine where new visitors and players will begin their start within your world.
No Minecraft World restrictions, making it possible for your custom version of this world to easily be used on both the Minecraft Official Realms or your own Minecraft Server.
Released under a Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0 Attribution 4.0 International to give you lots of flexibility for reuse.
Free to use for your own projects within the few limitations of the Creative Commons License.

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