ANITA ALVAREZ VIDEO • ANITA ALVAREZ SWIMMER 《 Swimmer fainted in pool during World Championships 》

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American Anita Alvarez fainted in the pool during World Championships

The final of the artistic swimming free solo provided one of the great scares of the FINA World Championships. American Anita Alvarez, coached by Spain's Andrea Fuentes, passed out during her practice session and had to be rescued by the coach, who jumped into the water to pull her out, and a competition assistant.

The American team reported that this was not the first time this had happened to her. It happened to her last year in the qualifying exams. She is out of danger and will be evaluated in the coming days to determine the causes of her second fainting spell in less than a year.

"It was a good scare, I had to dive because the lifeguards didn't do it. I was scared because I could see she wasn't breathing, but she feels great now, she's at her best," said coach Andrea Fuentes of the US artistic swimming team.

Alvarez finished seventh behind Spain's Iris Tió in an event where gold went to Japan's Yukiko Inui, silver to Ukraine's Marta Fiedina and bronze to Greece's Evangelia Platanioti.

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