School District Threatens To Expel Students For ‘Malicious Misgendering’ | Ep. 953

Published May 17, 2022 2,151 Views

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, schools in Virginia will soon be expelling students as young as kindergarten for the crime of “malicious misgendering.” Also, the new White House Press Secretary is black and gay and expects to be applauded for it. She also happens to be terrible at her job. Democrats say it’s a racist “conspiracy theory” that they hate so-called “whiteness,” but we’ll listen to their actual words on the subject today. Plus, Eric Swalwell brags about being a terrible parent. A Tick-tocker attempts to answer the “what is a woman” question in the form of a poem. And in our daily cancellation we deal with the new phenomenon known as “land acknowledgments.” We’ll talk about all of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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