Marc Morano, the Climate Expert the Left Loves to Hate

1 year ago

Doug talks to Marc Morano, climate expert the Left loves to hate.

Doug Truax: Welcome to the First Right podcast, a weekly conservative news show brought to you by Restoration PAC. I'm Doug Truax, founder, and president of Restoration PAC. Today, we were blessed to have a first-time guest who needs no introduction to most of you. He's Marc Morano. The climate skeptic, the left loves to hate mark is a virtual machine gun of facts and figures that disprove and discredit the global warming premise that dominates the national discourse. A few people in America know more about this topic. All right. Welcome to the show, mark.

Marc Morano: Thank you very much. Happy to be here.

Doug Truax: All right. So to back up a little bit on, as far as your career goes, you weren't always in this place, you were probably more, a little mainstream Republican. It wasn't quite your forte. You did some research and the whole piece, and then you kind of had these realizations and it, it, it, it brought you to where you are now. So talk the, talk, our audience through how that happened with you.

Marc Morano: Well, you know, during my, you know, I've always considered myself a Republican, except when it came to environmental issues, I was a volunteer on  Reagan's campaigns for presidency. I actually did his soundbites to local radio stations. That was one of my duties as a Reagan volunteer, but I never liked his environmental policies. I got caught up in national geographic pop culture. I got caught up in Hollywood presentation and the news media, you know, about, you know, the, the logging of the forest roads and the interior secretary. And I don't, you know, I, there was always environmental concerns, but generally the wealthier, the country, the less environmental problems you're going to have, you're going to have better technology, better planning, better resources, better methods, whether it's forestry, whether it's clean up, whether it's, you know, so if you look around the world, the cleanest places tend to be the wealthiest.

So I had my epiphany during the Rio earth summit of all times when it was Dixie Lee, Ray nuclear engineer, I was talking about the Amazon rainforest, which was what I was always concerned about and the deforestation in general, because I wanted to be a forest ranger. She was talking about it being the most intact forest and how this was hype and hysteria. Well, I said, whoa, that can't. So I started looking into that. I didn't believe it. It ended up commentating many years later with me doing an Amazon rainforest documentary, clear cutting the myths where I, and I even have environmentalist in the film, throwing the books down the guidebooks saying, this is nonsense. This is BS, bleeping, and cursing because it was all environmental exaggeration, either for fundraising or just to create alarm or to create a narrative that didn't exist. And it turns out for every acre of rainforest cut 50 are being regenerated.
It was the most intact forest. Even the New York times admits this new forestry techniques that I'll come back to. So there's so much hopeful news in the environment, whether it's species since the first earth day, 1970, we've radically cleaned our air and water while at the same time, increasing huge amounts of population and economic growth. We, when you have money and you are prospering can actually do amazing things for the environment. It's the poor countries that have the problems. So that was sort of my, in a nutshell, my evolution. And once I realized that I'd been essentially lied to about the Amazon and deforestation, by the time climate change came around, I was pretty skeptical in the late nineties, just because of my previous experience. And I started covering environment as an investigative journalist. And that's a, I did a lot of TV documentaries on it and also ended up working in the us Senate environment and public works committee and then founded climate Depot, which is where I am today. Yeah.

Doug Truax: Gotcha. Gotcha. The truth sets you free. It was great. So, so to just give our audience in a nutshell, then, you know, why is the left wrong about this global warming thing?

Marc Morano: Very good question. Well, they'll say climate change is real well. What does that mean? The earth is warming. Okay. Well, let's look at that geologically first. We are in the 10% coldest period in the Earth's history. In other words, 90% of Earth's past history was too warm for ice at either pole that's 0.1 more recently, you look at the, since the Roman warming period of about zero ID, and I include this in both my book, green fraud and the politically incorrect guide to climate change. We have probably the same temperature or most likely have cooled since the medieval Roman warming period. And the same goes true for the medieval warming period from about 900 to 1,380, we've either cooled or been out at the same temperature. So when people say, well, we've increased well, what's your baseline. If you go to 1850, when thermometers came online and all our major us cities us has the best amount of network, we have absolutely worn because that was the height of what's called the little ice age where New York Harbor was frozen over the themes river.
We had crop failures. It was a very cold period in our history. Then if you go forward, you look at the 1930s, we had the most still on record, even according to Biden's EPA it's they have the chart heat waves about 10 times higher than any heat waves of experience and all the major us cities in the United States. So here's the kicker. We have warmed and they always use the Arctic as an example, when we started monitoring the sea ice in 1979, that was the height of the global cooling scare, the coming ice age. So yes, we have warmed since the 1970s. We've definitely warmed since the end of the little ice age in 1850, but have we warmed since the medieval warm period? Have we warmed since the Roman warming period of zero 80? I don't think so. And the gist of this is carbon dioxide can warm the atmosphere, but humans can also create aerosols from fossil fuels, dim the sun, and create a man-made global cooling, which is what the scare was in the 1970s. Hundreds of factors influence our climate. It is not just CO2. CO2 is now is the preferred boogeyman because it's the way to regulate every aspect of our life. And that's where this goes from science to politics.

Doug Truax: Yeah. And that's the end goal, right? Yeah. And so this is, so this is kind of this front edge propaganda war on that point. You're just making about where they're trying to take this as, this is the terminology on this, as far as climate change and very precise in what you say you say is, is man-made global warming a thing, right. You're very precise in that. And so what's your take though. I mean, I think we should all be talking that way. I mean, you see this right as the left is they get, everybody starts saying what they want them to say, and then you end up playing their game. And don't you think as conservatives too, we should all be more careful about how we talk about this in general to begin with.

Marc Morano: Yes. I mean, there's the problem. I think with Republican party, I don't know about conservatives, but you know, you have a house leadership, they'll, they'll use words like they'll, they'll concede global warming as a problem, climate change, and we need to have a solution and their solution turns into a green, new deal, light mankind, as I said, contributes to warming, but there's also a lot of other factors involved. So here's the basic gist. You can't really distinguish mankind's influence on the climate from natural variability. And what I mean by that is whether you're talking temperature and by the way, hottest year on record is with intense to one hundredths of a degree in the record, it's within the margin of error. It's within the adjustment margins. It's a fancy way of saying the temperature hasn't changed much over the last 10 to 15 years, and we're actually have had no warming, but in absolute terms since about 2016 or so, according to the satellite data during the last peak.
So this always becomes inconvenient. And when that happens, when current reality fails to alarm, they make scarier and scarier predictions of the future. So what I think Republicans and conservatives it's, it's a really, as a language game, I hate to see I cringe when I hear Republicans say climate change is real. That's a meaningless phrase. You know, the idea is, is mankind driving a climate crisis? Are we driving a climate emergency? That's the whole gist of what the United nations is pushing, what academia, the media, the Biden administration. And that's what the focus should be. Not this esoteric scientific debate of how much can man's impact be, is a tangible point is floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, no trend or declining trend on 50 to 100 year timescales. This is the reality. C-level not accelerating. This is even a former Obama administration energy official came out and said, we've had no acceleration in sea levels since the 1920s, basically it's if you go by the tide gauges, what they do is they switch it, switch methods and they have new methods and then they add adjustments and they can come up with these claims that C-level is accelerating and the islands will be under water.
Well, the islands that they claim are going under water are still building airports on the sea or on their coastlines. And they're still doing tourism and everything else. So it's just not showing up. And you know, it's about the thickness of a nickel every year, the sea level rise, and it's been rising for the last 10,000 plus years. Since the end of the last ice age, Republicans need a message to answer more directly a message of, regardless of your view on climate, this is our way forward. And the way forward has to be prosperity, economic growth and all forms of energy, particularly fossil fuels, because fuels give you a cleaner environment and give you better technology. You look at coal plants from 30, 40 years ago, and then you compare them to modern coal plants. We've radically reduced pollutants. And if you care about it, CO2 are switched to fracking.
The most innovative technology in the last 10 years, the United States has led the world in reducing CO2 emissions, led the world in reducing them as China and India have skyrocketed. Of course, the left and Democrats love to praise China for their climate commitments, whether their climate commitments include building one coal plant a week. So Republicans have this issue all wrong. They should define the scientific terms and they should define the proper energy terms. Instead they end up capitulating. And that's where we have a whole group. Now of these particularly young Republicans who are looking for climate solutions. And it's just, it's a disaster because they're wrong. They're, they're buying into this idea that we can legislate a better climate. There is no cost benefit analysis of hurting us economically. And John Kerry's admitted it. We could zero out the United States and all of Europe and all of Canada and all of the industrialized west, including Australia and other places.
And it would have no impact on emissions, let alone the climate, even if you believe the emissions drive climate change because the developing world is developing so rapidly. And then of course it will. How can we stop them? If we want to reduce emissions, you'd have to literally stop 1 billion people from leave, exiting poverty. And that's the thing. You cannot exit poverty and put in infrastructure and development with solar and wind panels. It's not happening. The technology is not there a hundred years ago. 80% of our energy is fossil fuel. Currently 80% of our energy is fossil fuel. Not much has changed except a lot of promises from the solar and wind industry that have been going on. Actually in my book, green fraud, I go back almost a hundred years and show you solar and went just around the corner. They're always waiting for that breakthrough. That's going to make it, and I'm not against solar and wind per se, but you don't mandate an energy that can't take over and ban an energy that's proven itself, fossil fuels.

Doug Truax: That's right. And it's all, it all feels like so much hypocrisy. And just, you know, I remember when Obama bought that mansion on the shore, I was like, wait, hold on a second. Weren't you, the guy that said that everything's going to turn into a disaster. And I feel like it's like a building credibility problem for them because the more we talk the truth and just get this, get these points out there. And then to your right, people are thinking, okay, I kept hearing about the world was going to end and it was going to end and it was going to end. And it just hasn't. And so there's this thing that's happening. I think in people's minds, they've been convinced on a little bit of a level that, oh, maybe there's this climate change, but then you ask them, what issues are they concerned about? It's like so low down the list. It's like laughable sometimes. And so what, how do you explain that dichotomy? Is this just virtue signaling by people are like, yeah, no, I care about the climate, but in, in the back of their mind, they're like, I think these guys are lying to us. I'm not going to worry about this or whatever. What, what, what do you think the take that take on that?

Marc Morano: It's a phenomenon could actually see it in the Trump. If I remember Trump always pulled, you know, much lower than he performed at elections. And it's because of that sort of shame, the people were embarrassed, you know? Cause they knew the pollster and polite society would not look kindly on that. Same with climate. If you don't say you're concerned about climate, something's wrong with you. So when a pollster would ask, if he would just say, you believe in climate change, you'd have high numbers. If you would actually answer the question, are you really worried about it? This is where Gallup poll since 1889, since the 1980s, late eighties, that hasn't changed much in all the polling. So what's happened is just recently, and this is a shocking poll you've referenced, you know? And when you look at all issues, inflation, you know, debt, crime and healthcare, global warming is typically 19 out of 2014, out of 15. It's nine out of 10. It's always dead last among all these issues, but here's the shocker, April, 2022 Gallup poll among environmental issues, water, quality, air, quality deforestation, plant, and animal species extinction, global warming ranked dead last among environmental issues. That's the shocker 30 years of climate propaganda. And it's still the least environmental concern among Americans. That's a shocker, but it's a Testament to the intelligence of the American people.

Doug Truax: That's right. That's right. I always have confidence in that. Cause if you, if you talk about it enough, the truth is going to come out. You know, when people, people can sniff it out and it's yeah. They just keep, it's just the constant alarmism. That just, it just wears everybody out. That's for sure. But so I think so I think we're winning that, that, that battle overall, because they're steadily eroding their credibility. However, there is this concept it's well, it's not a concept. It's a reality that they're stuffing all these environmental jobs into the government and the is everywhere. So we're, we're losing that battle. What's your take on how that's shaking out and you know, what, what do we need to do going forward besides, you know, fire a bunch of people, you know, Babs,

Marc Morano: This is the crux of everything right now, what you just said. We've won this climate skeptics and rational conservationist. I won't say we're environmentalist, but conservation have won the environmental and climate debate. However, the other side never accepts defeat and they have the levers of power. They have the leavers of our government, bureaucracy, academia, the media, they have big foundations that fund all this. So how are they going to deal with this? Well, it comes down and that's the title. That's the topic of my next book. The great reset. The permanent lockdown. The gist of it is this when COVID came along and in March of 2020, and they had the lockdowns, the left was at first jealous and then they were envious to the point where Jane Fonda actually said COVID is God's gift to the left. And what did she mean by that? We'll all the same solution that the most radical extremes of the climate movement had been proposing economic de-growth planned recessions to fight global warming, a halting of all travel radical, you know, just limits on every aspect of your life in order to lower. Your carbon footprint literally happened overnight and every country maybe except Sweden, even in Florida, it happened. I mean, remember the early lockdowns in the United States, you couldn't go to church, you couldn't leave your, you were under curfew in most states, you had stay at home orders, but yeah, you could run to your local Walmart. No problem. Your corporate chains were open. The small mom and pops, particularly in the big cities got destroyed and estimates of the 60% of the restaurants in New York city got destroyed. The small mom and pops. That's great because once they realize what happened, the Progressive's, the administrative state realized that if we can collapse the current system, we can then have a permanent crisis on our hand.
And that is what the fantasy of these essentially central planners has always been a permanent crisis. So what happened was, and this was sad because a Republican president, Donald Trump allowed and sign that emergency COVID declaration. It allowed governors to become dictators overnight. And all of these have then led to the climate movement, latching onto the lockdown saying, if it's good for a virus, it's also good for the climate. We've been clamoring for this for decades, and now it's happening overnight. They opposed the green new deal through COVID lockdowns overnight. So fast forward, just this past week journal nature and bill gates basically saying that uncheck climate change will lead to more COVID therefore, if you don't support the UN Paris climate agreement, if you don't support the green new deal, you are supporting more COVID which will then be, make you a grandma killer. And that's where they've come along as Biden imposes.
There's no vote of the green new deal. This is so key. They introduced it in Congress and it went died. Who, who cares? They don't want it congressional debate. They don't want town hall meetings. They don't want care from their constituents. They don't want committee hearings. They want to impose this to every agency. And this is the phrase from the Biden administration. Every agency is a cabinet agency. It's not just as executive orders, which have been unprecedented on energy, but it's also the treasury department defunding all of the fossil fuel energy projects. It's also all of his spending bills. All of his build back better. Every regulation of the us government is hammering fossil fuels and also the, the, the supply chain issue, inflation debt. They're trying to collapse a current system, baby formula, shortages, food shortages, price of meat through the roof, gas through the roof.
Everything I just mentioned brings a smile to the face of climate activists, because this is what they want. They want to keep gasoline in the ground. They want to get rid of the internal combustion engine. They want you to stop eating meat. They want thermostats on your home control of it. They want economic de-growth, which is what we've had. So what I'm telling you is this has been their fantasy and dream. COVID made it happen, and now they want to attach COVID to climate. So that it'll be a permanent part of the permanent crisis. And here's the last thing I'll say, house Democrats in the Senate, including Chuck Schumer are urging Joe Biden to now declare a national climate emergency. If this is so done, this will give the executive branch governors, bureaucrats, even more power to control how much we fly, how much we drive and make no mistake. The UK transport secretary, academic reports, international energy agency, all basically calling for not just rationing of vehicles OD even days, no driving in cities, but they're calling for the end, the abolishment of private vehicle ownership that it's not necessary. We had one Andrew Yang who ran for the Democrat nomination, wanted to abolish private car ownership and replace it with roving fleets of rental electric cars. You just order up as needed. And this is what we're facing. Now. This is the greatest threat we face to our Liberty is this disappearance of democracy and moving the climate and the COVID agenda into the bureaucracy away from our elected officials, because now it's being imposed without most people being aware it's happening.

Doug Truax: And do you see back to the political side of this? Because you know, somebody has got to stand up to this. How are there any signs of hope amongst Republicans amongst recruit conservatives that are actually out there? You know, legislatively trying to stand up to this

Marc Morano: Good question. There's a few. Yeah. I like ran Paul. I liked Ted Cruz. Does I like chip Roy? I like a couple of house members who stand up, but generally they miss it. I mean, here's the way he would fight this. The Republicans, it's the opposite way with the leadership. You have, like people like Kevin McCarthy and Scully's of the house, GOP leadership. And these, if we win our big midterm, you're going to be running the Republican party in Washington. They're all about green, new deal, light climate ruminating climate is a problem. We need a solution and a million years, they're not going to challenge anything. I just said there it's wheat milk toast nonsense. Now having said that, the way forward on this for it to fight this couple of different things, mass resistance, how did we end mass mandates in school? How did we end the VAX mandates in the north end bees, big some Democrats in these, they seem to drop overnight.
It all began. I shouldn't say it all began, but it all was the lightning point was in Loudon county, Virginia with the parents protesting the mask mandates and the CRT and all the stuff coming out in the critical race, critical race training to the children that led to a Republican winning in Virginia, which shocked everyone for the governorship, the Democrat Phil Murphy in New Jersey, governor almost lost that shocked them doubly. That was even more shocking than the winter of gender that this the most deepest of blue states almost elected a no name Republican with no money. So they did some group polling, the Democrat party, and they found that among their democratic base, they didn't want, they wanted to return to normal, no more masks, no more kids, men, no more vacs mandates number locked down with it. And this was as reported by the New York times.
It's in my book within two weeks of that, every major Democrat controlled city and state dropped the mask mandates for schools that dropped the VAX passports mandates all it was amazing. Resistance is what led to it. And I like to say the way forward is to look at 1989 Berlin east Berlin. What happened there? We didn't rely on, you know, the conservative elements of the east German government, the east German government didn't vote to tear down the wall because the people have had that 40 years of repression of Soviet domination. That's enough. Let's let the people be free. That wall came down in 1989 in Berlin because the people of east Berlin and east Germany no longer gave their consent to live under tyranny. And that is ultimately the way forward. We can't rely on political, you know, losers like, you know, everyone from, from Kevin McCarthy to Mitch McConnell, et cetera, to save us, we've got a mass resistance and that's the way forward.
And you have to just bypass the, the, the establishment in every way possible. And now let's local go after your school boards go after and your state houses, we can't ever allow local public health dictators to just rule on a whim, but this is what they want to do. And if they can tie climate now to public health, which by the way is very important doctor last year diagnosed, the first patient is suffering from climate change. A lady had heat stroke. This was happened in Canada. And as the head of the emergency room at a major hospital in Canada and Australia, academics are urging to add climate change as a cause of death to death certificates. And the, and bill gates has said the death toll from climate will be much larger than anything from COVID. So if they can make climate a public health issue, just think of the latitude that we've had with the Fowchee and public health.
And here's the thing I'll, I'll end on a very scary note, the world health organization and bill gates on a team up and have what's called even the Washington post called a radical pandemic treaty. The word radical came in the Washington post headline. And the gist of this is experts paid by bill gates, who by the way, bill gates has praised Australia as the best COVID response of every single country. You know, it's literally was China light. It was the most repressive military response quarantines, lockdowns, VAX mandates. It was like an island prison at returned to its roots. That's who bill gates likes. So bill gates, once a pandemic treaty with his experts who could declare a pandemic and literally have instant global lockdown without any outliers like Sweden or Florida next time. And they'll have control of information. They've talked openly about shutting down the glue, the internet globally, in order to prevent misinformation, be afraid, be very afraid of this pandemic, treaty and climate will be part of that. Remember climate change now as a public health threat, you can be diagnosed with it. It can be on your death certificate and you know, if you don't take care of it will lead to more COVID. So you're a grandma killer. If you don't support carbon taxes.

Doug Truax: Wow. That is terrifying, but it's better to know where they're up to than to, you know, fall for it. And you're absolutely right. That mass resistance on that, you know, that's the great thing about the size of our country and we're still centered right across the country. And people are very nice and tolerant on some level, but somewhere in here, because we're not Australia, we're not an island. We're not England. We're not, it's hard to contain. It's hard to control and we just have to keep standing up for sure. And, and if we don't, it's not pretty, it's not pretty well. Hey marc Appreciate your bravery. Love the sound of the new book. W w when did you say it's coming out?

Marc Morano: It comes out the end of August. It was supposed to be out six months ago, but because of the supply chain issues was all backed up. So we had to wait

Doug Truax: One more thing, right? One more thing. Yeah. Another crisis. So, all right, well

Marc Morano: It's called the great reset by marc morano.

Doug Truax: Yeah, for sure. We'll, we'll, we'll talk, we'll bring it back on. Talk about that as well. I encourage all the viewers to get that too, but again, thanks for your courage and your bravery on all this. And I, and I hope that more people are listening to you. Thanks for coming on today.

Marc Morano: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Doug Truax: All right. That's our show for today. Thank you so much for tuning in and for supporting sort of media. Don't forget that by working together and staying diligent, we can serve as can bring our country back to true greatness until next week. Let's all keep praying that God will continue to bless America

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