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Published May 12, 2022 10,434 Views
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May 12, 2022

Day 783 of 15 days to flatten the curve.

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Conspiracy Theory Thursday :

Selling live puppies and kittens in Dallas is soon to be illegal. We're still shaking our head. If you criticize the President, you're ageist now. There's a black cube hanging around the sun and it's a little troubling.

David G, our Director of Global Security, joins the program - to discuss woke culture and add his unique take on the events of the day.

Phil Bell, Director of External Affairs at Freedomworks, joins the program to discuss the woke culture at the corporate/government level. The new trend of ECG and CSR reports and how it's very dangerous.  

E.C. Hanes is the author of The Bus to Beulah (a novel), the theme of which is the dark side of immigration. It was an interesting and eye-opening discussion.

Peter Serefine's Liberty Minute & Aaron Barker's Breakdown are part of the show, as well.

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