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How to Tap Into Your Natural Born SUPER Powers💪, Chakras Leaving Earth, Quantum, Telepathy, StarSeeds

The Great Awakening of Humanity and Freedom For All Sovereign Souls is upon us.

Are we really becoming superhuman? How come the Chakra Systems are leaving the planet? What ancient healing art do you sense Buddha & Jesus used to heal with their hands? Can everyone remote view? Science proves you can connect through time and space via quantum entanglement from the other side of the world. Will others wake up to their spiritual quest and raise their consciousness?

Join not one, but TWO Sovereign Reiki Masters, Entrepreneurs -- one a 2x Optioned Hollywood Screenwriter & former Canadian Infantry Soldier, the other, Christy DeArment, a former Attorney from Chicago and Michigan State University grad.

Listen in as these light workers and Christy's clairvoyance share science, esoteric truth bombs and enlightened life advice you can apply right now.

In this powerful, one hour program of love, laughter & levity, watch & listen to them discuss several things ancient, current, and quantum with actionable intel & steps to help everyone from awakened patriots, healers, & divine truth seekers around the world, discover some of the remarkable capabilities each human harnesses right now (and how to unleash them).


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Thank you for the Love, Laughter and Support!

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