CPS Weaponized To Abduct, Traffic Your Kids: Stealing Children Under The Threat of Arrest or Death

Published May 11, 2022 7,691 Views

C.P.S. used to stand to protect children, but as of late the only thing they truly do, is abduct children. Jamie & Lindsey Tweet join The Stew Peters Show to share their story of having Lindsey's 5 year old child stripped from them unjustly by C.P.S. and are now faced with losing him forever.

Call Judge Myron Calvin Milford Jr about the case at this #:
(334) 864-4320

Watch this full segment now at StewPeters.com and consider donating to the Tweet family as well so that they can continue to pay for the legal fees that are keeping them in the battle to save Lindsey's son:

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