Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for RESISTANCE to the New World Order

Published May 4, 2022 3,776 Views

Archbishop Vigano calls for resistance against the New World Order, which is waging a war against all humanity.

“If we continue to hesitate, if we fail to grasp the threat that threatens us all, if we fail to respond by organizing ourselves into a determined and courageous resistance, this infernal regime that is establishing itself everywhere will not be stopped.”

Carlo Maria Vigano calls for creating a planetary anti-globalist alliance to unite against the ongoing war against all humanity in the form of the globalist elite.

The Archbishop calls on rulers, politicians and religious leaders, intellectuals, and all people of goodwill to unite in an alliance that will issue an anti-globalist manifesto refuting point by point the errors and deviations of this New World Order dystopia.

This anti-globalist alliance must bring together nations who wish to escape the hellish yoke of tyranny and affirm their sovereignty by entering into agreements of cooperation with countries and peoples who share the principle of a common yearning for freedom, justice, and goodness.

He calls for a simple and straightforward program by which we can liberate humanity from a totalitarian regime that incorporates the horrors of the worst dictatorships of all time.

World renowned archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano became famous for exposing financial corruption in the Vatican, and for confronting systematic child abuse by pope Francis and many church leaders. He is a bright light of truth in the Vatican. Now he is speaking up to warn humanity for the New World Order, calling for international resistance.

December 18, 2021: Archbishop Viganò’s Message to the American People.

Archbishop Viganò: The GREAT RESET - The Blackmail of a totalitarian power eslaved to the elite.

MEL K: “2030 – The Great Reset Agenda”

The Most Important Speech Of Our Lifetime, Bless You Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

For two years now we have been witnessing a global coup d'état in which financial and ideological elite has succeeded in seizing control of part of the national government, public and private institutions, the media, the judiciary, politicians and religious leaders.

Archbishop Carlos Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, former Secretary-General of Vatican City State EXPOSED financial corruption in the Vatican. He also confronted sexual abuse by Pope Francis and other church leaders. He has an important message for THE WORLD. Whatever your personal beliefs are this is a message for EVERYONE.

Archbishop Viganò: 'The Coup D'état by the New World Order Is Almost Complete'.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has warned that the ‘New World Order’ are currently in the final stages of their coup d’état of humanity.

“In the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,” the Archbishop writes, “we must clearly recognize and denounce the coup d’état of the deep state worldwide, which has worked to install the New World Order, involving the WEF, NATO, UN, the European Union, the IMF…”

If we do not urgently fight this evil, Viganò cautions, “there is a real risk that the Biden Administration will take advantage of this crisis, of which Joe Biden himself is an accomplice and responsible.”

“There is also a real risk,” His Excellency continues, “that this crisis will serve to cover up Biden’s crimes, those of his son Hunter, the China virus pseudo-pandemic, the Durham investigation, the 2020 electoral fraud, as well as jeopardizing the mid-term elections in the United States.”

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