Project Monarch Documentary

Published April 30, 2022 269 Views

Amy Says WTF is an amazing researcher who exposes the truth behind the real mind-control program in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
WARNING: this video includes mature topics such as child sex trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, child sexual abuse, incest and mind control.

Project Monarch is by far the most in-depth documentary ever made on the sexually slavery aspects of MK Ultra and the truth about the Film industry.
Project Monarch is a secret CIA extension of MK-ULTRA.

One of the most in depth breakdowns of Project Monarch: A CIA operation of mind manipulation based on specific brain patterns and the grooming of children for sexual exploitations through a lineage of torture and mind control.

She has also done great work on the "Black Nobility" families that have controlled the world for generations through covert means of philanthropy, etc.
Her YouTube was deleted for her tireless efforts of exposing the truth.

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