Ashkenazy Jews/Khazarian Mafia, Paul McCartney, and the NWO (Paul is Dead)

Published April 29, 2022 240 Views

Khazarian Jew Name-Stealers assassinated Paul McCartney and stole his identity to further their NWO Agenda.

"One quick way to destroy a society is through its music.” ~ Vladimir Lenin

“Truth will prevail if its proponents are as ruthless as the enemy.” ~ Adolf Hitler

Recorded April 29, 2022

Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA is an attorney and author: “Den of Vipers: Central Banks & the Fake Economy.” ( She also has a BA and an MA in Germanic Studies.

Pen name: Tina Foster (Author of “Plastic Macca: The Secret Death of Beatle Paul McCartney” ( and “The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor Replacements.”)



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