Underneath the Veil of Narnia and Hobbiton with Gary Wayne

Published April 27, 2022 20,510 Views
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In this episode Carl Crew is joined by Gary Wayne. Follow us as we dive into the history of secret writing societies that date back millennia and continue even up to this present day.

Covering a subject close to the hearts of millions of fantasy readers regarding C. S. LEWIS and J. R. R. TOLKIEN and their masterful works, we uncover their allegiance to a Rosicrucian Secret Society they were born into through their hidden family lineage.

THE INKLINGS were a group of writers from Oxford who met at a local pub.

They conspired to write stories that are fantastically entertaining with an understructure visible only to adepts of these esoteric initiates.

They craftily infused doubt and deception into their underpinning story lines that moved people away from what is real into their false pagan narrative.

Lineage and blood lines of fairies, dwarves and the Nephilim all play heavily into this deceit.

Having practically grown up with The Chronicles Of Narnia and feasting off The Lord Of The Rings throughout my youth, it is with much sadness and fascination that we separate truth from fiction.

Gary Wayne is an expert in these matters and he reveals some appalling historical conclusions. Please join us for an incredible discussion! His web site is www.genesis6conspiracy.com


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