4-25-22 MOMN Meeting with Royce White

Published April 27, 2022

What’s new in MN “COVID” news?

PCR tests have been used to test for COVID in the Twin Cities sewage wastewater

Remember that every test used for COVID is EXPERIMENTAL

Despite 60 percent breakthrough cases of COVID being in the vaccinated, deaths and hospitalizations continue to rise, even though MN Department of Health say it is “uncommon”

“Tip of the spear against the establishment.”

Royce White is running to be the next representative of district five. His opponent? Illhan Omar. White grew up in the Rondo community, went on to play for the NBA, and is now stepping up as a leader in politics to break the establishment. White addresses topics of truth that are crucial to being the next representative of MN. Running as a Republican, he exposes the truth of big pharma, money scamming in politics, issues among the black community, election integrity, the corruption of the public school system, and constitutional freedoms. White not only answers all of these challenging questions, but offers solutions in order to fix these broken systems as well. Standing on a platform of faith and truth, he truly is the “tip of the spear against the establishment.”

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