Fallen Kingdom – Incredible Footage Takes You Inside The Abandoned Zoo Featured In ‘Tiger King’

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**Content Warning: Graphic Language in Graffiti**

A pair of urban explorers have captured oddly chilling footage of the highly controversial G.W Zoo that was once owned by Joe Exotic; the 'Tiger King'.

The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, alternatively known as the G.W. Zoo, rose to pop culture prominence in 2020 thanks to the immensely popular Netflix documentary 'Tiger King' which followed the story of zoo owner Joe Exotic and his vicious relationship with animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

The documentary ended with Joe being imprisoned and his zoo under the care of Jeff Lowe, since then after a long legal battle the zoo has become property of Carole Baskin herself forcing Jeff to leave. The site now lays completely abandoned.

Youtubers Carter Banks and Adrian Ledezma decided to gain entry to the site of the former park and capture it's abandoned state on camera.

Footage shows the zoo in state of absolute disrepair, Joe Exotic's former house completely destroyed by vandal's, enclosures overtaken with vegetation and wide areas of the park completely inaccessible due to the out of control plant life.

Keen-eyed viewers will notice many familiar settings from the Documentary including a large former tiger enclosure, The gift shop and Joe's house.

Vandal's have even took to tagging many of buildings interiors and exteriors with graffiti including vile expletives  targeted at Carole Baskin.

The footage stirs up many emotions, the abandoned state of such a famous zoo is absolutely bone chilling.

Carter Banks, 24 from Oklahoma has explored hundreds of interesting abandoned locations for his YouTube Channel 'bigxbankz' but this may very well be the most high profile location the Urban Explorer has ever visited.

Carter said:

"I was amazed to see everything from the tv show completely deserted and destroyed."


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