Under the Wire speaks with Kim Burgess about the TGA’s DAEN.

Published April 21, 2022 635 Views

Kim Burgess holds a B. App. Sci. (scientist) and has worked for 30 years as a Researcher/ Data Analyst.

She has run her own business for 28 years, servicing the market research industry nationwide, based in Melbourne. Kim has also sub-contracted to the industry, having ‘crunched data’ from many sources.

We first found Kim (actually, she found us!) when she volunteered to help prepare data on vaccine injuries and deaths following COVID jabs for our Judicial Review case.

Since then, she has found some pretty massive issues with the DAEN and TGA datasets – issues which we will be discussing on the show.

Download the information presented in the show here - https://avn.org.au/2022/04/under-the-wire-episode-130/

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