Homemade Primers - Jump Start 4: Join a MeWe group called PrimerReloading

2 years ago

This is part 4 of the "Jump Start" series. It is mission critical that you join a MeWe Group call PrimerReloading. It's much faster/safer if you follow the advice of others who have already blazed the trail for you. We will share the info that we have gathered and we will discuss any of your ideas and blend in your ideas/background in with our proven techniques. It's the best group on the internet and I'm proud to be a member. We share and discuss ideas with one goal in mind - for you to be able to reload your own primers (using safe and reliable methods). Once you know the basics - to produce them in mass ('say' batches of 50 at a time, etc).

Marshall Thompson's "Homemade Primer Course"

Jump Start 1:
Points you to the 4 primary tasks of primer cups prep:
1) Sort your primers for safety and reliability:
2) Clean the primer cups/similar to your reloading brass
3) Pop the anvil out - try our methods or invent your own
4) Remove the dimple - try our methods or invent your own

Similar to reloading you'll want to choose a powder
Jump Start 2: (Page 15)
H48 is decades old and super inexpensive. It's discussed because it is simple, and the ingredients (only 4) are relatively easy to acquire (clickable links are provided to obtain the ingredients). This recipe is very similar to Armstrong's mixture (red roll kid caps). H48 (is very similar to) a product called "Prime-All". H48 is a great way to learn the basics of reloading primers but unfortunately - this recipe is corrosive to your barrel.

Jump Start 3:
A noncorrosive recipe is called EPH 20. It is found on pages 17-21 of Marshall's manual. The ingredients (only 4) are also easy-click simple. You do have to synthesize (make/mix) one of the ingredients using beakers and hotplates and such. It's as easy as wet chemistry gets and Marshall will show you "the ropes". It's known as "The Lab" or "Safely making the Missing Link".

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The MeWe chat forums consist of the best group of guys on the internet in primer reloading and other skills and you're now a part of it.

Primer Reloading group (known as Second Floor):


If you find the Primer Reloading group chat too technical, try the ground floor:


You will be welcomed in both!!!

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