9 months ago

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Refuses to Denounce World Economic Forum

A grass roots reporter asks Texas Governor Greg Abbott to denounce the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, and his Great Reset initiative. Greg Abbott claimed that he wasn't a globalist and that he was a Texas first and America first politician, but he absolutely would not just flat out say that he denounces the World Economic Forum and their active initiative to subjugate the world under their total authoritarian control.

If you want to know whether or not Greg Abbott was being honest in his response, you need only ask yourselves a simple question: "Is the Texas southern border closed right now?" The answer to which is "no", as of "4/10/2022" the Texas/Mexico border is and will remain wide open to anyone and everyone who wishes to pour into our country unchecked.

Now you know why the border is and will remain wide open, because open borders, as well as doing away with the Oil and Gas industry, and implementing drastic climate change policies around the world, are all three of the World Economic Forum's top priorities that have to come to pass in order for their Great Reset initiative to work. If they're successful, our population in every nation on earth will be treated by a ruling class elite in the same manner in which the CCP treats their population. Human life will mean nothing anywhere in the world to anyone except the masses who will not be able to do anything about it at that point in time.

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