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Reckless Drifters Pay the Price56s

Reckless Drifters Pay the Price

First off, luckily no one was seriously injured here. Hopefully it's the last time they all get into a car and pull off a reckless drift though!

Published: August 22, 20133,111 views
How Not to Pass a Car!44s

How Not to Pass a Car!

There's a lot of people out there who just don't deserve to have a license! This driver in Russia is one of them!

Published: June 21, 20133,858 views
Guys Save Fox Stuck In Trouble44s

Guys Save Fox Stuck In Trouble

A couple of guys in Russia notice a fox with a bottle stuck on its head and thankfully they decided to do the right thing and helped the little guy out!

Published: June 14, 20133,499 views