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Minecraft Mod Showcase 1.7.10 :: Magic Clover3m55s

Minecraft Mod Showcase 1.7.10 :: Magic Clover

Minecraft Mod Showcase is back, sorry for the delay in uploading, I bought myself a new Mic. How many likes for the Magic Clover? » Become a part of the ProTeam :: » Following me on Twitter :: » Minecraft ModShowcase playlist :: --Links Below-- » Get the Magic Clover Mod here :: » Get Minecraft Forge Installer here :: (Mod Warning down below, keep reading) --About-- The Magic Clover is a another small mod and what it adds into Mine Craft is yes you guessed it a Four-Leaf Clover. The Magic Four-Leaf Clover can't be crafted and can only be obtained by smashing tall grass as you can see in the video, it's a random chance that it can drop the Magic Four-Leaf Clover. The Magic Clover can do two things in Mine Craft. » You can eat it. If you just right click on the Magic Clover you will receive three hunger Icons. » If you press and hold shift and right click a random items/blocks/food will pop out from the Magic Clover. If you have other mods installed that adds items/block and or food those things can also spawn out from the Clover. --Mod Warning-- Please make sure your version of Mine Craft corresponds to the mods your installing or else it will not work. I have about 60 Mods installed at once and the Magic Clover mod works fine. Please to be sure you download and install the Mine Craft Forge Installer if you haven't already done so. » Get the Magic Clover Mod here :: » Get Minecraft Forge Installer here :: --More Mods here-- » Dual Hotbar :: » Chest Transporter :: » Enchant View :: Thanks peeps for watching this Mod Showcase, sure leave your support by leaving this video a big thumbs up, sharing it on twitter and facebook and subscribe for more awesome mod showcases. "Want to contact me?" » Twitter :: » Facebook :: » YouTube ::