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Chihuahua adorably wraps herself in favorite blanket32s

Chihuahua adorably wraps herself in favorite blanket

Dogs are quirky creatures and the one thing that they all have in common is adhering to a regular routine. Just like the child who loves to hear their favorite bedtime story, animals have certain nightly rituals before going down for the night. This recently rescued Chihuahua named Dixie has the run of the house during the day, but prefers to sleep in her crate at night. It makes her feel safe and secure and possibly it's a throwback to the dog den of her ancestors. Anyone who owns a Chihuahua knows that they love to burrow under a nice soft blanket and this dog is no exception. This dogs owner instructs her to wrap herself up in a blanket in preparation for a cool night and the dog follows her command right on cue. It's so cute! Chihuahuas can be traced back to an ancient breed called the Techichi which were kept by the Toltec people in Mexico in the 9th century A.D. They are a lively and intelligent breed and are extremely social. They are always up for meeting new people and travelling to exciting places. They are a very hardy breed and quite long-lived. It is not unusual for a Chihuahua to reach the age of 15 to 20 years when well cared for. They form a very strong bond with their owners and like most dogs are very protective. They can be prone to a little jealousy at times so if you own more than one, be sure to give them equal attention. Due to their compact size they seem to fit in anywhere. They do well in apartment life or a regular sized home. They are not fussy animals and home is wherever they hang their leash. All they care about is having you within their sights 24/7. They love to go for walks or just hang out watching TV on the couch. You will never feel lonely with a cute Chihuahua by your side. Some dogs of this breed have earned the reputation of being yappy, but that has more to do with the training that they have received. A well socialized dog will not exhibit these negative behaviors. Generally speaking, these dogs are of a very happy temperament. They are comical. entertaining and learn tricks with ease. One thing for sure is that they are literally brimming with personality. A whole industry exists in the area of clothing for these dogs. You will often see people walking them around town in adorable customized outfits and the Chihuahua seems to thrive on the attention it receives from the public. I'm sure that you've seen these dogs in airports with their sweet little faces poking out of their customized carry-on bags. They have been used in the advertising industry with great success. Are you the owner of a Chihuahua? We would love to hear about your experiences with this particular breed. Is your dog sassy or placid? Does it have any funny quirks or rituals that it adheres to? We would love to hear your thoughts, Feel free to comment below and please share this clip with your friends.

Senior Chihuahua impressively learns new trick19s

Senior Chihuahua impressively learns new trick

There's an old saying: You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, this senior Chihuahua is here to dispel that myth. This sweet girl was rescued from a cold rainy parking lot back in March and has since proven to be a quick learner in so many ways. First she had to blend into a family with a crotchety Calico cat and a well established 12 year old poodle. She did that in an effortless manner. This dog managed to win everyone over with her adorable personality and high intelligence. After wandering around for several days with no access to food or water, not to mention exposure to the neighborhood coyotes, this dog was so happy to have a warm bed to sleep in and a roof over her head. To see her today you would never know that at one point she was homeless. Her rescuers took her to the local vet to be checked out and all her blood work came back excellent. Her only problem was some dental disease and she was given some antibiotics along with seven extractions. Since she didn't carry any tags or info-chip, a decision had to be made to send her to a rescue organization or find a friend to adopt her. After spending two weeks with this dog her foster family found it very hard to pass her on to someone else not knowing what her future might hold. They decided to keep her and named her Dixie. Since then she has charmed everyone that she encounters. She is outgoing and friendly and wakes up in the happiest mood every day. She is estimated to be between 12 to 13 years old but she has the energy and agility of a young puppy. Her new family has no regrets about taking her in as she has enhanced the quality of their lives and has provided them with so much entertainment. Chihuahuas are wonderful dogs. They are feisty and protective of their owners. Size means nothing to these dogs and they are not easily intimidated by other breeds. They wake up each day ready to take on the world. They are compact and travel well. Whether it's in the family car or even on a plane. The Chihuahua is up for any adventure life hands them. The most important thing you can do for a Chihuahua is maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise. Due to their small stature they can be prone to several health problems if they are allowed to become overweight. They are known for their longevity and they are proof positive that good things come in small packages. This girl Dixie just learned the classic Bang-Bang- you're dead trick and she performs it flawlessly. It is so cute. She is quite the little performer and takes directions well. Do you also own a Chihuahua? Does it perform any tricks? We would love to hear your own experiences with this breed so feel free to add your own comments below and if you enjoyed this little video clip, please share it with your friends.

Cat won't let anyone touch her favorite toy45s

Cat won't let anyone touch her favorite toy

This rescued Calico is very feisty and quite possessive when it comes to her toys. She is not what you would call the "sharing" type. Once she takes hold of a particular item, it is hers for life. Her favorite toy is a stuffed animal named lamb-chop and she is very protective of it. You will see from this video that she is not even willing to let her human touch her most prized possession!

Poodle gets pranked 47s

Poodle gets pranked

Dice the poodle and his friend Basil go back a long way. They have known each other for almost 12 years. When Basil was down in Hollywood the other day , he saw a mask in the window of a store that reminded him a lot of his buddy Dice. He got an idea that it might be fun to play a little practical joke on his canine partner. Dice is a sweet-natured pup who is full of energy and loves to play games himself. Basil thought it would be interesting to see how Dice would react If he came through the door wearing this very realistic poodle mask. Would Dice be amused or even a little scared? How did his buddy of almost 12 years morph into a human/canine hybrid? As Basil walked through the door there was almost a stunned silence as Dice tried to figure out what was going on. Then suddenly Dice yelped and starting jumping on and off the couch like he had lost his mind. After a few minutes Dice finally recognized his buddy and understood that he had been the victim of a practical joke. He rolled around on the couch feeling a little foolish as Basil petted him. After that Basil took Dice on a nice long walk in the park and all was forgiven. Poodles are such wonderful pets. They are energetic, extremely intelligent and very protective. We have had 3 poodles in our lives and all of them were the best pet you could ever desire. The oldest one lived to the ripe old age of 17. We hope that you enjoy this clip and maybe it will inspire you to play a silly prank on your own pet. You will find that even your pets have a sense of humor!

Dog gets ready for a hot date 27s

Dog gets ready for a hot date

Dice is an 11 year old Maltese poodle mix and he has always been quite the ladies man. He has even dated outside his own breed. From Chihuahua's to German Shepherds, he loves them all and size is absolutely no barrier.Watch him as he prepares for a night on the town with a hot blooded female poodle that he met at the dog park. With a little help from his mom, he slips into his favorite tuxedo and out the door for a night of canine frivolity.

Silly poodle has ridiculous bedtime routine22s

Silly poodle has ridiculous bedtime routine

Another adorable dog video emerged as this dog prepares for bed time. Most dog's have a nightly ritual when they are getting ready to go down for the night. Even though this poodle is almost 11, he still fluffs up his blankets with the same spastic energy that he had as a puppy. This last blast of energy also ensures that he sleeps very soundly through the night. The adorable dog shows that you are never too old to have fun and act like a kid again! This is a clip that should not be missed! Isn't this dog just the cutest? At 11 years old, he sure does still have a lot of energy left in him! We could all learn something from this dog, don't be afraid to act young! These hilarious moments are the type that you will definitely remember forever and you will be glad that you captured them on video! This dog really is amazing! For being 11 years old and having this much energy must mean that this dog is eating right! If his owners ever runs out of good, healthy food, they can always get more dog food on Amazon . Does your pet have any funny routines? Let us know in the comment section!

Gambling cat is a scratch ticket addict42s

Gambling cat is a scratch ticket addict

This little Calico may look innocent, but she is a big-time high roller! Watch what happens when she gets a big scratch ticket win. Will she share her new found wealth with her owner? Take a look!



This guy clearly spends a lot of time at the gym. His life revolves around his muscles. He never misses an opportunity to do some flexing. Watch what happens when his favorite song comes on the radio!