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Cat Enjoys The Warm Bear Hugs Of His Owner32s

Cat Enjoys The Warm Bear Hugs Of His Owner

All it takes is a cute kitten photo or sweet cat video, and we automatically want to cuddle up with the nearest cat. Feeling the murmur of a purr beneath our fingers and holding a furry warm companion close, brings instant contentment - no wonder why petting a cat is a stress-buster. But not everybody is a fan of cuddling and not everybody can sit still while wrapped in a big mommy bear hug. But that is not the case with cats. For example look at this cat. His name is Barolo and he is a British blue shorthair and he enjoys being embraced by his owner. He has totally surrendered in his clutch, holding onto the owner’s arms with his paws wrapped around in a soft hug. Contrary to the belief that cats are aloof loners, most are cuddly companions that need attention and love. Snuggling not only makes this cat feel warm and safe, but it also allows him to spend some quality time with his owner. He obviously not only enjoys the company of his owner, but also the attention he gets when he spends time with him. And who can resist interacting with a cat who has tucked himself into your lap or bats his eyes at you as he cuddles up? And what is with the kiss? When the owner kisses his cat, he makes eye contact and then slowly blinks to show confidence and affection. To respond his owner slowly blinks back. These trust blinks, head bumps and actual kisses mean that the owner and his cat trust each other fully.