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Heartwarming Adoption Proposal To Stepfather From Four Kids1m41s

Heartwarming Adoption Proposal To Stepfather From Four Kids

This one is a family moment that will absolutely melt your heart! Watch as these four children make the proposal of a lifetime to their stepfather! This man married a woman with four underage children and, of course, accepted them all as his own. The kids seems to think of him the same, so one day the eldest daughter prepared a speech and a petition from all four kids to ask their step-dad to adopt them all. The hulky man can’t hold back his tears of joy, as he grabs and squeezes all of the older kids in a bear hug and accepting their petition. Hank Blankenship ’s family were also having a gathering with other close relatives in their home in Salem, Virginia, when Hank was asked to take a seat in the middle of the salon and out comes Hank’s step-daughter Cassidy, carrying a big piece of cardboard. Then she starts signing to everybody, explaining how grateful she is for Hank, before unfolding the cardboard to reveal a sign saying ‘Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad’, reducing Hank to tears in an instant. It is moments like these that give meaning to the sentence “being a parent doesn’t come from DNA, it comes from the heart.”

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