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MultiSample NanoDispenser (MSND)1m30s

MultiSample NanoDispenser (MSND)

http://www.wafergen.com/ | The SmartChip Multisample Nanodispenser (MSND) enables automated loading of up to 384 samples on a single SmartChip for pre-dispensed SmartChip Panels or loading of up to 384 assays and samples for SmartChip MyDesign Chips.

Published: January 7, 20151 views
SmartChip TE System (TEND)1m10s

SmartChip TE System (TEND)

http://www.wafergen.com/ | The Smartship TE features massively-parallel singleplex PCR that enables it to enrich a multitude of target regions. Choose the smart choice for target enrichment. Contact us today.

Published: November 18, 20141 views
Apollo 324 NGS Library Prep System1m47s

Apollo 324 NGS Library Prep System

http://www.wafergen.com/ | The Apollo 324 NGS Library Prep System is a potent and compact platform capable of rapid and fully walk-away automation of an extensive selection of next generation sequencing applications.

Published: November 18, 20144 views