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Cute axolotl yawns for the camera18s

Cute axolotl yawns for the camera

Ripley the axolotl appears to be yawning in this adorable clip. Axolotls are not fish, but amphibians. They are neotenic salamanders, meaning they retain their juvenile traits into adulthood and therefore remain fully aquatic their whole lives.

Bearded dragon super excited for hornworms24s

Bearded dragon super excited for hornworms

Frankie the bearded dragon goes absolutely nuts for tasty hornworms. She is a 2 year old rescue who will forever be smaller than normal due to a lack of UVB with her previous owners (it's also why she has a kink in her tail). She is now healthy, spoiled and gets lots of treats. While her diet consists mainly of collard greens, mustard greens and butternut squash, she also gets occasional fruits and squishy hornworms!

Bearded Dragon Goes Nuts For Blueberries30s

Bearded Dragon Goes Nuts For Blueberries

Frankie the bearded dragon absolutely loses her mind over blueberries. Take a look how excited she gets every time she spots blueberries on the floor. When feeding time comes for Frankie, it is priceless to watch his reaction to blueberries. Don't feed your dragon with nuts, train him with blueberries instead. The pitter patter of her reptilian feet means she’s ready to eat! No matter the hour, Frankie the bearded dragon is always ready to chase down some blueberries, and not even a slippery hardwood floor can stop her! So adorable to watch and will change the way you look at blueberries too. It is so cute to see Frankie run head over heels to get to the blueberry in no time. His happy feet make funny noises as he rushes in to get his treat. This video will melt your heart! Bearded dragons have a reputation for eating a LOT! They can eat you out of house and home as bug-hungry babies. But as they grow older, they need less protein for fueling rapid growth and more nutrient-packed bearded dragon vegetables for maintenance, which means that feeding them gets cheaper. Just as each bearded dragon has its own personality it will also have its own favorite and least favorite foods. So if one thing doesn’t work, try something else. It’s all part of the fun! We all know what's Frankie's favorite fruit and food in general, so bring those blueberries to the table!

Published: October 4, 20171,703,074 views
Rescued bearded dragon smiles for the camera1m08s

Rescued bearded dragon smiles for the camera

Joanna the bearded dragon was kept in poor conditions during the first 3 years of her life. She was abused, neglected and malnourished. This made her an aggressive lizard who appeared to have a permanent grouchy scowl. After just a few weeks of rehabilitation, she is now a sweet and affectionate pet who appears to smile!

Published: November 19, 201614,028 views
Rescue Cat And Bearded Dragon Are Best Friends2m01s

Rescue Cat And Bearded Dragon Are Best Friends

Joanna the bearded dragon and Din Din the Siamese cat were both abused and neglected at the beginning of their lives. As a result, both have become aggressive, hostile and trusted no one. Neither liked any other animal or human it met until they were taken in by their current owners. Both of these aggressive gals have now been rehabilitated into cuddly sweethearts. While they both still dislike all other animals, they miraculously became interested in one another. Tentative curiosity soon blossomed into a unique and trusting friendship between two very different animals. Joanna and Din Din follow each other, play chase, "cuddle" and sleep together. They are careful to be gentle at all times and seem to adore each other. Inter-species friendships always warm our hearts, but the most unlikely ones like these two melt us down to a puddle on the ground. Who would have thought that a cat and a lizard would find comfort in each other after having such a troubled past? Felines are usually quite territorial and rarely accept other animals into their homes, especially other felines, but it seems that Din Din sensed that Joanna has been through a similar distress before and has accepted her as a kindred spirit. We are just happy that they have each other.

Cat and lizard share unlikely animal friendship29s

Cat and lizard share unlikely animal friendship

Joanna the bearded dragon and Din Din the Siamese cat are two rescued best friends who enjoy hanging out, cuddling and playing together. Here there are after just waking up. Follow them on Instagram at @twobadgals