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Heartwarming Moment As Boy Finally Gets Reunited With His Missing Cat1m12s

Heartwarming Moment As Boy Finally Gets Reunited With His Missing Cat

Cat owners often complain that they can't get their cat to behave appropriately because cats just won't listen to them. They claim that their cat is particularly unintelligent, but that is absolutely not the case. Punitive training techniques that center on gaining control of your kitten by dominating them into obeying can damage the human/animal bond and cause your dog to mistrust you and essentially switch off. For so long people have been putting the emphasis on their dog’s need to be ‘obedient’ rather than ‘cooperative.’ We issue ‘commands’ rather than focusing on teaching the dog ‘cues’ by attaching these cues to actions or behaviors that we want. This cat must have been waiting for his owner and worried sick to where their little friend has gone and if ever he is to return. A home coming party is just what they have prepared to surprise their little friend. Both of them are very energetic and just can't wait for their friend to come back home. Clyde, an 11-year-old cat , had been missing for 12 days. 10-year-old Jared has always had Clyde in his life and so it was a devastating situation for himself and the family. Luckily, a neighbor spotted the lost cat after recognizing him from a 'Lost and Found' ad and returned him while Jared was in school. Check out the amazing reunion!

Published: February 24, 20152,722,216 views
Kitten Destoying and Stealing a Spider Plant! 18s

Kitten Destoying and Stealing a Spider Plant!

Harry the kitten can't resist the spider plant! Partly because it dangles, but also because they are mildly hallucinogenic. Yes, it’s true. Similar in nature to the effects of catnip--but totally safe (and legal! haha!)! ;-) --notice he steals a piece of it at the end!

Published: November 28, 20173 views
18-year-old cat demands kisses from human28s

18-year-old cat demands kisses from human

Clyde will not take no for an answer! Watch this elderly cat get right in the face of a little boy to ask for some affection. How could anyone say no to that? Priceless!

Published: February 20, 20169,188 views