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How A Dad Watches The Kids When Mom Isn't Home1m28s

How A Dad Watches The Kids When Mom Isn't Home

Here we have a potential dad of the year candidate! Rujeana, the mother of two children decided to set up a camera of her kids in the living room. The idea was to set up a camera so their Grandma can see their kids doing cute things. Instead, she found out how her husband takes care of the kids when she isn't there. Just look at how much fun they are having. It all starts as any kiddie video would - the older girl is playing along with a karaoke program on the TV. The baby sister is happily bouncing in her jumper and minding her own baby business. The big sister is clearly loving the karaoke app and is dancing with her pompoms. Dad comes from down the hall, carrying the load from the laundry machine (go, dad!), when he decided to skip the chores and do something fun with his babies instead! He starts doing the robot, much to his big daughter’s enjoyment, so she turns towards daddy and starts dancing with him! Somewhere down the middle of his performance, dad turns full diva, grabs those pompoms and throws a performance that just might land him a role in the next installment of “Cats”. What a great video to look back on throughout the years to come. You can bet that this will be shown on Father's Days for years to come! Check out this fun loving father.

Published: September 26, 2015Updated: July 14, 201724,710,172 views
Baby spooked by Halloween spider27s

Baby spooked by Halloween spider

Ganon is in for a big surprise as a spider drops down from the ceiling and startles him. Looks like he's not a fan of the Halloween decorations!

Published: September 26, 2016Updated: September 27, 201610,492 views
Punching the next person I see!8s

Punching the next person I see!

I'm not punching the next person I see because that is TNA wrestling superstar Abyss, and I'd like to live.

Published: August 29, 2015Updated: September 24, 20151,366 viewsVirality: 2%
Have you seen a muscle cramp this intense before?31s

Have you seen a muscle cramp this intense before?

We have all had a bad cramp every once in a while. It has become common place for an athlete to experience these excruciating pains and discomfort after performing. This man takes cramps to a whole new level. Are there gremlins living in this man's leg or is it just an epic calf cramp? All we know is that some stretching and lots of water will make it stop! Have you ever seen one of your own cramps move like that before? It's pretty cringey but pretty cool to watch as well. Be sure to visit for more weird and viral videos, and feel free to upload your own! Check out this insane muscle cramp.

Published: August 8, 2015Updated: August 20, 2015249,565 viewsVirality: 14%
Baby's first prank14s

Baby's first prank

If she only knew that this was the beginning of her dad pulling pranks on her!

Published: July 22, 2015Updated: August 17, 20154,245 viewsVirality: 39%
Man tries purchasing fake pretzel26s

Man tries purchasing fake pretzel

Although it would be pretty awesome, it doesn't look like this guy understands the difference between a real and fake pretzel. Credit to 'tolerantxero'.

Published: October 26, 2014Updated: April 21, 20151,246 views
Toddler big fan of wrestler Daniel Bryan17s

Toddler big fan of wrestler Daniel Bryan

Baylee Metallica is a big fan of WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, yelling out his catch phrase "YES!". Who is your favorite wrestler? Credit to 'tolerantxero'.

Published: December 4, 2014Updated: March 27, 2015115 views
Baylee 'Metallica' lives up to her name42s

Baylee 'Metallica' lives up to her name

Once this little girl starts playing a Metallica song the rocker inside comes out. Watch her throw her crayons on the floor and pick up the family cat. Looks like she'll do just fine in a mosh pit! Credit to 'tolerantxero'.

Published: March 18, 2015Updated: March 19, 201523,690 viewsVirality: 16%
Little girl hates being distracted53s

Little girl hates being distracted

All this little girl wants to do is help put the baby swing together. However, it looks like her dad has other plans in mind. Check out her hilarious reactions! Credit to 'tolerantxero'.

Published: March 13, 2015Updated: March 17, 2015112 views
Little girl's dance escalates quickly37s

Little girl's dance escalates quickly

According to user 'tolerantxero', this lovely little girl has been watching this same cat video for a month. She mimics the cat's moves but instead adds her own twist at the end. Check it out to see the hilarious conclusion!

Published: March 10, 201577,242 viewsVirality: 23%
Crying toddler ruins birthday party48s

Crying toddler ruins birthday party

What appears to be a very happy occasion quickly turns sour. Watch as a toddler begins crying just as the Birthday Song begins! Credit to 'tolerantxero'.

Published: December 7, 2014Updated: January 29, 201511,305 views
Cat plays tag with toddler38s

Cat plays tag with toddler

Watch as Baylee and Monster play one of the cutest games of tag you'll ever see. By the looks of it, those two could play all day long!

Published: January 25, 2015Updated: January 28, 201520,174 viewsVirality: 9%
Are birds scared of love?33s

Are birds scared of love?

User 'tolerantxero' performs a little experiment to see if birds are scared of love. What do you make of the results?

Published: November 30, 2014Updated: January 5, 2015312 views
Christmas Morning pie in the face2m00s

Christmas Morning pie in the face

At the time I thought it would be funny to wake my wife up on Christmas morning with a pie to the face. I expected laughter and shenanigans but I got awkward tension instead. Don't try this at home, unless you like divorce.

Published: December 25, 2014261 views