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Playful Husky Runs Merrily Through Fallen Leaves12s

Playful Husky Runs Merrily Through Fallen Leaves

Autumn is my favourite time of the year because of all the beautiful colors that are everywhere. Every artist loves painting landscapes in fall because when the red, green, yellow, orange and brown are all mixed together they give the sense of warmth. This season is often linked to sadness and depression, as the leaves are falling because they are dying. However there is something magical in the autumn nature. This Husky sure shares my opinion and goes head over hills, running circles through the dry Autumn leaves. Shasta gets excited by the crunchy sound of dry leaves and is ecstatic when he takes a joyous run through them. Some dogs leap straight into a pile of leaves, some wriggle around ecstatically on top, and some become intently focused on catching falling leaves in their mouths. This video of a dog playing in the leaves will bring some sunshine into your Autumn day. Watch as this Husky runs through the pile of fallen leaves and enjoys playing outside. He goes crazy on the leaves as they crunch underneath his paws. His bliss cannot be contained! It is adorable to see this dog express exactly how he feels when he see those crunchies. Shasta goes crazy when there’s either leaves or snow on the ground and he is definitely an outdoor dog!

Gorgeous Husky Had A Bad Day And Demands Cuddles24s

Gorgeous Husky Had A Bad Day And Demands Cuddles

Being a husky owner can be hard from time to time. They get stubborn, howl for no apparent reason, love to tear up the living room cushions and will absolutely defy your every try to make them go outside. But these arguments are void, because at the end of the day, we will love our huskies more than anything. These furry and absolutely adorable goofballs can brighten our day in just a few seconds, and it is only normal that we do the same for them. Despite their bark, they are loving souls who just want to cuddle. However, every once in awhile they are entitled to a bad day too, and it's of utmost importance that we give them some TLC. This husky is the cutest furball you’ll see today. It seems that he had a bit of a ‘down’ day and the only thing he requires is some love from his owner. The owner does so by giving him a few scratches on his neck, but those don’t seem to be enough. He needs more and more and more and he isn’t keen on stopping them yet. This husky is in it to win it. But that is alright, his owner’s love will chase the blues away with additional scratches.