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Go Global, Go Amity Dubai!5m19s

Go Global, Go Amity Dubai!

It is a dream come true at Amity Dubai for students aspiring to study overseas for their higher education.Global learning at Amity has its own perks!Watch this video to know why?

Experiencing Overseas Education In USA42s

Experiencing Overseas Education In USA

Be it the politics, scienc, arts or economy USA has been on the front of almost every discipline.This is what makes the country such an attractive study abroad destination all over the world.Watch this video on study in USA for more information.

Study In Uk With The Chopras21s

Study In Uk With The Chopras

UK is a great study abroad destination with one of the world's top ranked universities to pursue higher education from. Raghav Bansal, an alumni of University of Manchester (UK) shares his journey and experience with The Chopras. Listen to what he has to say on succesfully realising his dreams turning into a reality.

Why Should I Choose to Study in Australia?1m25s

Why Should I Choose to Study in Australia?

When you consider the cutting edge scientific and technological innovations that result out of the Australian academic system, it is only obvious why international students are coming to study in Australia. Watch the video to know more about what makes it such a top study abroad destination worldwide. For more details visit here: