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Marijuana Boom! Here's How Fast The Cannabis Industry Is Growing, In 5 Charts2m41s

Marijuana Boom! Here's How Fast The Cannabis Industry Is Growing, In 5 Charts

The marijuana industry is booming, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down in the near future. Legal marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the United States, according to a new report from researchers at The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment and research firm based in Oakland, California. In the next two years, a flurry of states are expected to consider the legalization of recreational marijuana. A majority of Americans continue to support full legalization, nationally, and by 2016, it's entirely possible that marijuana could be a wedge issue in the presidential election. "These are exciting times, and new millionaires and possibly billionaires are about to be made, while simultaneously society will become safer and freer," Troy Dayton, CEO of The ArcView Group and publisher of the third edition of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets, said in the executive summary of the report. "We believe that the development of a responsible, politically engaged, and profitable, legal cannabis industry will hasten the day when not a single adult in the world is punished for this plant."

A Mandala (And Drawing Mindsets7m42s

A Mandala (And Drawing Mindsets

A mandala is a circular design that reflects the wholeness of the one creating it. It is a psychological expression of the totality of the self

Published: November 21, 2017115 views
Mantle Plume Demonstration1m43s

Mantle Plume Demonstration

This plume could explain some of the meltings that have been creating lakes and rivers under the ice sheet, many agree to this but of course, there are others who do not. Mantle plumes are essentially thought to be narrow hot narrow streams of rock rising through the Earth's mantle. They are said to spread like mushroom caps under the crust.

Published: November 8, 2017156 views
Full Moon Energy Romance4m12s

Full Moon Energy Romance

Our bodies are made up mostly of water and during a full moon, the water inside of us is raised just like the high tides during a full moon. The full moon depending on what kind of emotions are dug up can either be a time for great intimacy or heartbreak. The moon rules over the night sky and with it comes so much mystery.

Published: November 3, 2017Updated: November 6, 2017237 views
Gates of Hell - Saudi Arabia33s

Gates of Hell - Saudi Arabia

Volcanic field Harrat Khaybar north of Medina Saudi Arabia taken from Turkish Airlines flight from IST to MED. Stratovolcano Jabal Qidr can be seen here.

Published: November 2, 2017Updated: November 6, 20174,606 views
The Gates Of Hell29s

The Gates Of Hell

Even to this day science is uncovering the mysteries of our giant Planet Earth. Just recently, archaeologists discovered something very interesting and they’re calling it The Gates of Hell…

Published: October 28, 2017Updated: October 30, 2017478 views
Religion Will Be Outnumbered By Atheism By 20384m35s

Religion Will Be Outnumbered By Atheism By 2038

Throughout all of mankind history we see records of some sort of higher power being worshiped. Religion has been a major component to humanity for all of existence, but new research suggests that atheism is going to overtake religion in the future.

Published: October 27, 2017Updated: October 30, 2017
Sensed Presence2m27s

Sensed Presence

There is such a thing called sensed presence and it, for the most part, tends to happen to those who have become isolated and are very stressed, to say the least. These people sense a presence as a means of coping. Their subconscious does this without them even knowing.

Published: October 27, 2017164 views
Star Children of the world9m24s

Star Children of the world

People who possess special traits are often referred to as one of the following three things. If you think you might be an indigo, crystal, or rainbow child the following should help you identify which one. Take a look and be sure to check off each thing as you continue on, these are the most common groups of star children.

Published: October 27, 2017405 views
Cube Test6m18s

Cube Test

This test is more-so a mental exercise than a test but still is puzzling all the same. You can use this to find out just about anything in regards to your personality. If your imagination works properly then this 'test' should be fairly easy for you.

Published: October 20, 2017Updated: October 23, 20171,190 views
Soulmates Vs. Kindred Spirits11m33s

Soulmates Vs. Kindred Spirits

You both get along really well. You have skills that compliment the other and because of this, you can be yourself with them. Life is better because you are both together/have found one another.

Message to the World MPH11m00s

Message to the World MPH

Of course, since publishing that book Hall wrote tons before his death in 1990. Hall's works are quite interesting and i believe that if you would want to learn anything about the topics listed above his work would astound you. During Hall's last public lecture at the Scottish Rites Masonic Temple in L.A. he had a very important message for humanity. This is a message that we have all needed to hear for quite some time now.

Published: October 13, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017771 views
Real Love and Fake Love Finding The One7m37s

Real Love and Fake Love Finding The One

If you have someone in your life who you love with all of your heart that you would not change for the world you have found something very special. Real love is something many spend their whole lives searching for and never find it. Check out the video below and let that special someone know how much they mean to you. Now, for those who are still searching, stop. Let love find you, it comes out of the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times.

Full Moon in Aries2m57s

Full Moon in Aries

While sometimes it is hard to make room for something new it is always necessary. Do not let fear hold you back this month. If your relationship is one worth sticking around for take this new found energy that is radiating from within you and put your all into making things the best they possibly can be. While we are used to taking things slow and steady the Aries energy will have you moving quickly.

Published: October 6, 2017Updated: October 9, 2017300 views