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Cube Test6m18s

Cube Test

This test is more-so a mental exercise than a test but still is puzzling all the same. You can use this to find out just about anything in regards to your personality. If your imagination works properly then this 'test' should be fairly easy for you.

Message to the World MPH11m00s

Message to the World MPH

Of course, since publishing that book Hall wrote tons before his death in 1990. Hall's works are quite interesting and i believe that if you would want to learn anything about the topics listed above his work would astound you. During Hall's last public lecture at the Scottish Rites Masonic Temple in L.A. he had a very important message for humanity. This is a message that we have all needed to hear for quite some time now.

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Real Love and Fake Love Finding The One7m37s

Real Love and Fake Love Finding The One

If you have someone in your life who you love with all of your heart that you would not change for the world you have found something very special. Real love is something many spend their whole lives searching for and never find it. Check out the video below and let that special someone know how much they mean to you. Now, for those who are still searching, stop. Let love find you, it comes out of the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times.

Full Moon in Aries2m57s

Full Moon in Aries

While sometimes it is hard to make room for something new it is always necessary. Do not let fear hold you back this month. If your relationship is one worth sticking around for take this new found energy that is radiating from within you and put your all into making things the best they possibly can be. While we are used to taking things slow and steady the Aries energy will have you moving quickly.

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Abuse Amnesia13m27s

Abuse Amnesia

This is in a sense, an extreme form of denial. This happens when a person wants to believe something so badly that they just do. People in this sort of situation are not able to respond to 'red flags.' This is a very real and complicated situation for someone to be in. You cannot just shake them out of it. They have to realize something is going on otherwise they will always refuse your help.

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Law of Attraction19m36s

Law of Attraction

You have to act and feel as if you already have what it is you are trying to manifest. I know, this can be hard but once you are able to do this it will happen. Have you ever heard the phrase 'fake it till you make it'? That really is in a sense what I am telling you to do.

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Toxic Relationship Narcissist and Empath12m47s

Toxic Relationship Narcissist and Empath

The empath must realize that getting out of the situation is the only way to resolve it. The empath needs to get out as soon as possible to prevent further draining and neglect but far too often the empath chooses to stay for far too long. This leaves them with long-term damage.

How to Meditate14m45s

How to Meditate

When we waste our time focusing on these things we end up 'doing' something when we are supposed to be doing nothing at all. Meditation is supposed to work all on its own without you pushing it along. If you are sitting there wondering whether or not you are doing it right then you have it all wrong. It is not an act of 'doing' at all. Watts knew this all too well and tried to share his wisdom with the world.

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Dealing with disapproval11m29s

Dealing with disapproval

Nothing can better explain what you may be dealing with now than your childhood. If you are going through anxiety in regards to disapproval chances are you need to look quite deep in order to resolve your problems. We are programmed from a young age to think and do things in a manner like those we are around, sadly sometimes our childhood damages us and leaves us to pick up the pieces later on.

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How to overcome a painful breakup6m12s

How to overcome a painful breakup

According to these researchers being dumped for someone else is the most painful breakup. It is the one that hurts by far the worst. This is because 'comparative rejection,' in general, feels worse than non-comparative rejection. This study had over 600 participants who went through 4 different kinds of experiments. The first experiment included 2 women who were secretly working with the researchers and a man who was not. To find out how this man felt in regards to rejection the researchers gave one of the women a puzzle.

Published: September 13, 2017Updated: September 14, 2017
There is a Human Force Field3m13s

There is a Human Force Field

Many people have had trouble accepting that there is more to life than what we can visually see. People still deny the metaphysical to this day, but thankfully they are lessening every day. Even though some people might have a hard time believing in it, that does not stop science from proving that it exists.

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Why Does Music Give You Chills?2m04s

Why Does Music Give You Chills?

Who knows maybe some day science can help musicians to induce chills at some point. What do you think about all of this? I for one think it is pretty accurate, I feel like I have stronger emotions than most people and get chills from music. Check out the videos below for a different theory on this as well, while we still don't have a 100 percent answer I am leaning towards Sachs findings.

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Spirit Posession9m24s

Spirit Posession

You see, our bodies are like vehicles for spirits. When one spirit steps outside or moves over to the passenger seat another can step in and take control of the car. Have you ever felt 'more' negative anything when drinking? For instance more violent or more irrational? It could be something a lot more intense than just 'your true-self coming out.' This whole phenomenon is referred to as 'spirit possession.'

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Stanley Kubrick on how he grew up learning photography3m26s

Stanley Kubrick on how he grew up learning photography

From the 1940s to the 1950s Kubrick was collecting photos of New York, during this time he was working for a magazine and was trying to make a name for himself. This is something that helped him along on his journey that eventually landed him in the film industry. Take a look at some of his fantastic photographs below and let us know what you think.

Alan Watts - Death3m56s

Alan Watts - Death

These children show deep emotional involvement when they speak about their past life experiences and most actually cry and beg their parents to take them to their previous families. How would you feel if you were to find out that reincarnation was a fact? Would it change the way you live your life?

Published: August 29, 20172,206 views
Jin Shin Jyutsu8m35s

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a an ancient Japanese form of touch therapy that you can perform on yourself to help balance your energy and emotions through stimulating the meridians in our hands.

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Schizophrenia Simulation6m36s

Schizophrenia Simulation

The video below was shot from the perspective of a person who was suffering from this disorder and allows some insight into what really goes on with someone living with a chronic illness like this one. Make sure the room is quiet and dark when you watch this video so that you can really experience the full effects of it. Schizophrenia takes away who you are and holds you captive inside your own mind. I would not wish it on my worst enemies.

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Clouds on Mars1m07s

Clouds on Mars

The reason they are black and white is that they were captured from the Navigation Camera (Navcam) that does not take color images. These clouds are likely made of crystals of water ice that condensed out of dust grains due to the atmosphere being cold. These clouds in that way are similar to those on Earth as our clouds are made of water and ice crystals as well. Normally these clouds appear near the equator when the planet is furthest from the Sun but that being a few months away these clouds are a bit early. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

A look inside Grant's whiskey2m58s

A look inside Grant's whiskey

These people will have to be knowledgeable about the company as well as whiskey in general and be skilled socially if they want to stand a chance. After these three candidates return one will be chosen out of the three who did the best job to be the global drinks ambassador, forever. If you think this job sounds like you all the way click here to apply.

The Truth About Factory Farms In The US4m46s

The Truth About Factory Farms In The US

The leading cause of rainforest destruction when you really break it down is the factory farming industry. We shred forests so that we can continue growing this industry. Lots of these places have cesspools as well, filled and still being added to complete with all the chemical excretions from animal waste from within the 'farm.'

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Ways to Spot a Toxic Person7m24s

Ways to Spot a Toxic Person

Toxic individuals are constantly trying to make themselves look good and they will go above and beyond to throw someone else in the line of fire. These reason behind someone's toxicity does not matter. If they are draining the life out of you, fighting back is necessary. For information on how to spot a toxic person in yo ur life check out the video below.

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We Are Energy3m20s

We Are Energy

Think about your television. The cathode tube is a simple tube with a bunch of electrons smashing into the screen in a specific way. This makes the illusion of shape and movement. All objects are made in a similar way. Each of our senses has a specific range. This is why dogs and people see things differently and so forth with other animals.) Our senses perceive energy from a certain fixed point of view and that is how the images and form of perception are created in our minds. Not to say this is an exact explanation, it is more of an interpretation.

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Rogan - Society Trap6m04s

Rogan - Society Trap

Rogan in the video you will see below asks his audience whether or not contributing is the same as working. He concludes that the two are completely different and offers some intense advice for those who are stuck in dead end jobs or shitty situations. Rogan suggests following your dreams no matter who you are or where they take you.

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Benefits of the Belief of Free Will5m16s

Benefits of the Belief of Free Will

It is quite interesting that rather than trying to determine whether or not free will is real many researchers are covering whether or not believing in it is helpful. Baumeister's study shows us that believing in free will does really have intrinsic value. There are actually other studies that show us that it could even be important for the health of a wider society.

Exploring Easter Island2m38s

Exploring Easter Island

There are tons of hypotheses' explaining the population crash things from disease to deforestation and everything in-between. That being said this newer study says neither one of those is true. It completely rules out a lot of things people have been thinking over for years now. If you want to learn more on Easter Island check out the video below before continuing on.

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