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Kids Shows The Funniest Scooter13s

Kids Shows The Funniest Scooter

Kids Shows The Funniest Scooter Stunt Anybody Can Ever Show You. How do you define “funny”? Well, once after seeing this, you will start rediscovering the definition of being “funny” in a new manner and wonder the stunt in the funniest way you can ever imagine.

Published: December 13, 2017
Cats have epic showdown on street52s

Cats have epic showdown on street

Cats have epic showdown on street An intense video has emerged of two cats engaging in a fierce fight outside a house in Scarborough, UK. The footage, shot on April 14, shows the two cats yowling at each other during a long staredown before one of them jumps at the other one. "I knew something was going to happen, but I didn't think it would be that vicious," the filmer wrote online. "White fur everywhere and one dominant ginger cat!"

Published: June 9, 20172 views
Bear Accidently Gets Sucked Down Waterfall1m19s

Bear Accidently Gets Sucked Down Waterfall

Bear Accidently Gets Sucked Down Waterfall "Here I am filtering my morning water where I made camp last night when this guy and its buddy come to check me out...the first one hops in but underestimates the current & gets sucked down the waterfall behind me & shoots the whitewater rapids tumbling end over end until the video ends...I shut off the video fearing the worst...when the bear scampers out as far as I can see downriver...seemingly OK. I don't think a person would have bounced like this thing did..."

Published: June 9, 2017150 views
Goose Attacks Drone2m32s

Goose Attacks Drone

Goose Attacks Drone This goose was minding its own business when it became very irritated at the drone flying above it. It then suddenly jumped up and attacked the drone causing it to crash to the ground.

Published: May 16, 2017271 views
Funafair accident51s

Funafair accident

These accidents are almost always caused by idiots that don't heed the rules. They try to stand or they unbuckle their harness or other safety device, or they don't keep their hands or feet inside the car. I visit parks all over the world and I can't tell you how many times I've seen a ride shortened considerably or stopped altogether because some asshole wouldn't obey the rules. Last week I was on Disney's Tower of Terror and our left was stopped and evacuated because some dumb shit refused to obey the rules, so we all got screwed because of one kid, and as sad as it is when someone gets hurt or killed, this is typically why things like this happen.

Published: May 9, 201759 views
Squirrel outsmarts dogs56s

Squirrel outsmarts dogs

Squirrel outsmarts dogs The hilarious video shows the dog chasing the squirrel but the squirrel seems to fast for him and he is unable to catch it Squirrel saves his nuts. Lakewood, California, United States (load item map)

Published: May 1, 2017112 views
Funny weird animal intro scene53s

Funny weird animal intro scene

Funny weird animal intro scene More video soon here for entertain.. h, the animals. i suppose, while i think the dog nativity and cat nativity are ... there, with mary and joe staring at their baby-in-a-fishbowl. too weird and hilarious. .... There's a baby Jesus in a nativity scene at Hidden Hollow in ...

Published: April 27, 201713 views
Rope Swing Knockout8s

Rope Swing Knockout

Rope Swing Knockout Best boys rope swing fails Knocked out and face plants Broken Bones, bloody noses, knockouts and heaps more! Subscribe and help my channel and make sure you smash like or leave a comment!

Published: April 27, 2017347 views
Girl Gains Too Much Speed On Slip-N-Slide23s

Girl Gains Too Much Speed On Slip-N-Slide

This girl gains a little too much speed coming down a water slide, which winds up launching her off the landing zone and onto the dirt below. Girl Gains Too Much Speed On Slip-N-Slide Girl Gains Too Much Speed On Slip-N-Slide I'm going too fast!!!

Published: April 26, 201710 views
Dog Salsa Dancing3m09s

Dog Salsa Dancing

Dog Salsa Dancing The dog looks like it's having tons of fun. Good choice of music too. El Baile del Perrito.

Published: April 21, 2017444 views
Rooster Attacks Man Carrying Dog30s

Rooster Attacks Man Carrying Dog

Rooster Attacks Man Carrying Dog This guy was just trying to walk through is yard when a rooster attacked him. He fell to the ground when the animal jumped at him causing him to drop the dog he was carrying. Luckily, the pup came to his rescue and chased the angry bird away as he slowly reeled from the strange incident.

Published: February 22, 20172,371 views