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Brands: Forget about marketing!2m26s

Brands: Forget about marketing!

The concept might seem counter-intuitive, but it's essential to effective and successful marketing in this age. Stop trying to just sell your product, and instead focus on developing human interest.

10 ways to tell your brand story2m11s

10 ways to tell your brand story

We’ve been talking about the power of a story for your organization. Your story should be told so that you can start building relationships with your audience. In turn, your audience will begin to trust and engage with you. You should start your journey of storytelling, but where should you begin? You might be a person trying to communicate this message to your boss, team, or co-workers. This video will help you begin the process by talking about what storytelling is and what isn’t.

Why tell your brand story?2m31s

Why tell your brand story?

In order to get people to remember something you said, first, you need their attention. A story makes information more relevant and makes us care. This also explains why we identify more with people who have suffered the same or similar struggles as we have. If your fans, customers or clients view your brand and the people behind it as similar to them, they will trust you and continue engaging with you.

Brands: Learn the power of story2m19s

Brands: Learn the power of story

When we hear a story, our brain acts as if we're living them. This information is all part of a study made by the University of Washington in St. Louis. When marketers say that stories engage your target audience, it's not fluff; it's psychology, and it's incredibly powerful.