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Parents Take Their Eyes Off Game For SECONDS. That’s When UNTHINKABLE Happens. Mom In TEARS.3m06s

Parents Take Their Eyes Off Game For SECONDS. That’s When UNTHINKABLE Happens. Mom In TEARS.

A middle school football team from Olivet, Michigan, conspired for weeks to create a secret play that involved getting as close to the end zone as possible without scoring. The reason why has tugged on heartstrings across America, bringing people to tears. Unbeknownst to coaches, staff or parents, the group of jocks schemed a play called the “Keith Special,” named after fellow team member Keith Orr, a student who struggles with learning disabilities and social skills. Their perfectly executed secret plan changed the culture at Olivet Middle School from selfish to selfless, and will forever be cemented in the hearts of these young men. During a home game, the players took the football down to the 1-yard line: and took a knee. Quarterback Parker Smith recalled the moment he purposely failed to score, and heard the noticeably upset crowd. “Us kids knew, hey, we got this. This is our time. This is Keith’s time.” On the next play, the team closely huddled around Keith, handed him the ball, and gave him the chance to score his first touchdown. Video footage makes it hard to see Keith, because his teammates were fiercely protective of him while he ran. The Olivet Eagles’ least likely member had just scored a touchdown. “Did he just score a touchdown?” asked Keith’s stunned mother. Keith’s parents laughed as they recalled fumbling to find their camera to capture the moment. Keith later described the moment as simply, “Awesome.” Members of the team were later interviewed to explain what motivated them to plan something so kindhearted. “We really wanted to prove that he was part of our team and he meant a lot to us,” said one player. “It’s just like to make someone’s day, make someone’s week, just make them happy,” shared another. Wide receiver Justice Miller sat with tears streaming down his face as he recalled the profound change that took place in his heart. Justice admitted he used to be only concerned about himself, and maybe a couple friends. Now, his heart has compassion for everyone. We have a feeling that Justice is not the only one with a changed heart. Today, Keith struts around campus as a new kid, and will always have a team looking out for him for the rest of his school career.

10 Ways to Use Onions1m26s

10 Ways to Use Onions

Onions are great for salads and frying up as a side dish, but some may argue that there even better for curing ailments and helping out around the house. Onions are a vastly versatile natural remedy because of it is filled with antiseptic and antibiotic agents due to ts high sulfur content. They also help your body fight off free radicals that cause chronic disease, like cancer. Onions can boost your immunity, stop vomiting, treat respiratory conditions and help treat diabetes, heart-related issues, lower cholesterol, and arthritis. They have been used by Native American to treat colds and flu, and even the World Health Organization now recognize onions as a good way relieve respiratory infections, bronchitis, cough, and congestion. Here are some healthful ways that you can use onions for common ailments:

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NEVER Leave Plastic Bottles In Your Car On A Hot Day. Here's Why!1m11s

NEVER Leave Plastic Bottles In Your Car On A Hot Day. Here's Why!

During the hot and humid summer months, it's important to constantly drink water in order to stay hydrated. For some car owners, this can result in a mountain of forgotten, half-filled water bottles littering the back seat of their vehicles. But one power company in Idaho is speaking out about the tragic outcome that can result from leaving plastic water bottles in a hot car over a long period of time. Idaho Power shared a video on Facebook depicting how a water bottle can potentially start a fire in a car on a sunny summer day. The harrowing footage has accrued more than 12,000 views and over 300 shares since it was posted on July 13. Surprisingly, the alarming situation presented in the video isn't merely theoretical for Idaho Power -- it nearly happened to one of its battery technicians, Dioni Amuchastegu. "So I was taking a bit of an early lunch and sitting in the truck happened to notice some smoke out of the corner of my eye and looked over and noticed that light was being refracted through a water bottle and was starting to catch the seat on fire," Amuchastegu says in the video. "Light was just shining through the drivers side window and shone right through (the water bottle) and burned those two spots in the seat right there," he adds, gesturing to two charred holes in his car's front seat. Idaho Power explains that a round plastic water bottle filled with clear liquid can act as a lens that concentrates the sun's energy at one point, creating enough heat to actually spark flames. If you've ever set fire to an ant hill with a magnifying glass, you know exactly what the company is talking about. Ultimately, the power plant says that if you do plan to keep water bottles in your car this summer, the best thing you can do is store them out of direct sunlight.

Budweiser Honors 9/11 Victims1m00s

Budweiser Honors 9/11 Victims

Budweiser and its famous Clydesdale horses teamed up with the city of New York to make this touching tribute to the heroes and victims of 9/11. The iconic Clydesdales pass the Statue of Liberty, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, and finally pause and bow in a park overlooking the New York City skyline, irrevocably changed without the twin World Trade Center Towers. The company aired the commercial only once, so as to not financially benefit from it; they simply wished to acknowledge the tragedy and honor those that lost their lives. It’s unforgettable. Share this moving tribute with your friends.

Bride Cancels, Then Turns Banquet Into 300 Meals For Hurricane Victims1m29s

Bride Cancels, Then Turns Banquet Into 300 Meals For Hurricane Victims

National tragedies have a way of bringing out the best in people. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there were multiple stories of neighbors helping neighbors, as well as thousands across the country who continue to send money, supplies, well wishes, and prayers. One generous Texas couple even donated the food they had purchased for their wedding’s welcome dinner. Dayna Skolkin and her fiancé, Josh Tillis, had to postpone their wedding until December because of Hurricane Harvey. But the bride-to-be didn’t stay blue for long. Instead, she jumped right in to help feed and care for those displaced by the destructive storm. The couple’s welcome dinner was to be held at a nonprofit organization that Dayna’s mother had co-founded. Thankfully, the facility remained dry and became a center for meal preparation for Houstonians left homeless by the storm. Food purchased for Dayna and Josh’s dinner provided hundreds of meals, with the generous couple directly involved in the preparation and packaging. “Everyone in Houston is doing everything they can to try to help,” Dayna said. Dayna’s mother passed away five years ago, but is surely smiling at her daughter’s compassion and generosity for her neighbors and friends in need. There are so many beautiful stories of everyday citizens helping each other in this time of crisis. Hopefully as the floodwaters recede, the kindness and compassion for our neighbors and fellow human beings continues.

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5-Yr-old and 18-Month-old sistres are Dancing2m35s

5-Yr-old and 18-Month-old sistres are Dancing

The hit single “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento has swept the nation as people of all ages are posting videos of people who are busting a few moves. The simple, yet entertaining dance moves have become very popular and these two girls will melt your heart as they show you their own rendition. Their homemade movie will be sure to put a smile on your face. The big sister, Jordyn, is 5 years old and her little sister, Sydney is only 18 months old. The two girls propped up an iPad on the stairs of the bunk bed. They then used their mom’s phone to play the song. Mother, Amy Johnson, said she heard the rascals playing the song in the room next door while she was folding laundry. It didn’t sound like they were getting into any trouble so she let them be. When she saw the video later, she couldn’t help but share it with the world. Jordyn looks like the leader of the video, but I think it’s Sydney’s adorable dancing that really cracks me up. Some of her crazy moves are probably even better than the original! This is one “whip/nae nae” you’ll really want to see.

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Little Boy Packs Bag & Go To Find God. But Then At Park, They Find Each Other2m16s

Little Boy Packs Bag & Go To Find God. But Then At Park, They Find Each Other

A viral video is sweeping across the internet, sending positive vibes and an inspiring message to all those who watch it. Eating Twinkies With God is one of those short films that makes you search within yourself and question your humanity. Directed by Meir Kay and filmed by Joris Reynaud, these two friends released the project on March 16. Kay uploaded the video to his YouTube channel and Facebook fan page, which garnered more than 40 million views on Facebook within just one week. It’s definitely becoming a very popular video, but what makes it so special? Well, it all has to do with a curious little boy and his small spiritual journey. At the start of the video, the cute kid is in the kitchen grabbing a double-packed Twinkie out of the drawer and two juices from his fridge. He packs everything in his bag as his mom comes around the corner. She asks “Now where are you off to?” Her son tells her with excitement in his voice: “I’m going to find God.” Mom gives him the ‘okay’ and reminds him not to be late for dinner. He rushes out to catch the subway, and after a long trip across town, he ends up at a park. He sits on a bench near a homeless woman who’s seemingly not in the best mood. The little guy pulls out one of his Twinkies and gets ready to bite into it, but then he realizes, maybe he should share. He gives the other Twinkie to the woman who smiles and says ‘thank you.’ They soon enjoy each other’s company with a few giggles and small conversation. Before he leaves, he gives the woman a hug, which makes her smile from ear-to-ear. It looks like the two have become new best buddies. Mom gives him the ‘okay’ and reminds him not to be late for dinner. He rushes out to catch the subway, and after a long trip across town, he ends up at a park. He sits on a bench near a homeless woman who’s seemingly not in the best mood. The little guy pulls out one of his Twinkies and gets ready to bite into it, but then he realizes, maybe he should share. He gives the other Twinkie to the woman who smiles and says ‘thank you.’ They soon enjoy each other’s company with a few giggles and small conversation. Before he leaves, he gives the woman a hug, which makes her smile from ear-to-ear. It looks like the two have become new best buddies. After viewing the video, it makes you consider the thought that maybe God’s character is shone in the way you positively treat others. Surely love and compassion for others can be discovered through an act of kindness, but through that act, God shines through. Kay mentions on the YouTube video description: “Whether you believe or not, we all can agree that by helping each other, each good act that we do makes this world a brighter place. Let us rise to the occasion and be kinder to each other, to help one another. We are all on the same team.” As a motivational speaker and community volunteer, Kay says the purpose behind most of his work is to encourage people to “achieve happiness every day, spread kindness, and live a positive life.” Eating Twinkies With God has definitely pushed a lot of people to join in with the conversation. One Facebook user made a good observation about the message: “One good thing about this video is the innocence of a child. He didn’t judge the homeless person by her outward looks or her position in life. He saw someone special. He’s an angel.” Once we put our differences aside, we will be much more opened to building healthier relationships with people around us. Those healthier relationships will eventually bring out the best in us—more happiness, positivity, and charity. We all have the ability to spread love and kindness, so if this story has inspired you, make sure to share its message with others around you!

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Son Takes Dad With Alzheimer’s To Trip And Then The Music Started Playing3m13s

Son Takes Dad With Alzheimer’s To Trip And Then The Music Started Playing

There’s no way to positively spin Alzheimer’s. It’s a terrible disease that brutally robs not only from its victim, but from the victim’s friends and family. Day. After day. After Day. In fact, one of my greatest fears in life is the thought that one day my mother or father may suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dimentia. This is somebody who raised me. They sat through my baseball games from tee-ball to NCAA. They taught me how to drive a car. They drove me countless times to chess tournaments and would wait for hours during my matches for me to emerge from the doors of the game hall, either crying or grinning like a madman. And someday they might not even recognize me. My grandpa never completely lost his grip on reality, but there were definitely times during the end of his life where he was no longer the guy I used to play catch with or lose against in cribbage. A few weeks before he passed, my dad and I were trying to convince him to take his umpteenth dose of medicine that day so that he’d stay alive. About a half hour into negotiations, he seemed to come to some sort of realization, and I’ll never forget what happened next. He looked at two of the people who loved him most very suspiciously and said: “Wait, I’m just trying to figure this out here. Is this about my health? Or my behavior?” And as I watched my dad react to his own father accuse him of feeding him mind-control drugs, it absolutely terrified me that a few decades from now I could be having the same exact conversation with my dad. Like I said, there’s really no way to spin Alzheimer’s positively. But there are times when a sufferer can snap back into the mind of the person they used to be, instead of a seemingly different person in somebody else’s body. All of the lows that come with this disease for the family of the victim make these family members really appreciate these moments. Perhaps the best example of this that I’ve ever witnessed can be seen in this video of Ted McDermott that’s taking over the internet. Now eighty years old and ravaged by Alzheimer’s, Ted no longer travels all over the United Kingdom singing in clubs like he used to. In fact, he’s known as “The Songaminute Man” because of the seemingly endless library of tunes in his head. Or, at least, that used to be in his head. His health has severely declined in the last few years. Often he doesn’t recognize family members and has recently had many aggressive episodes. But on the way home from a recent shopping trip with his son Simon, a song came on the radio that Ted recognized. Even if it was only for a few minutes, Simon had his old dad back again. And it is absolutely beautiful to watch.

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Dad Goes for Haircut at Salon. Collapses Three Days Later, Left Fighting for His Life2m46s

Dad Goes for Haircut at Salon. Collapses Three Days Later, Left Fighting for His Life

Many will agree, it’s a relaxing experience to lay back in a padded chair at the beauty parlor while someone else washes your hair. We associate it with treating yourself or just a regular part of our grooming routine. It’s nice to get a gentle massage for your scalp. Sometimes it’s difficult to not close your eyes and doze off during the procedure. This was not the case for one unfortunate dad who got way more than he bargained for. He did not realize that there was any problem, though, until until three days after visiting a salon. Suddenly, his right side went numb just prior to him collapsing. At only 45 years old, Dave Tyler was in for the shock of his life after being rushed to the hospital.

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Newborn Clings To Mom’s Face & Refuses To Let Go2m54s

Newborn Clings To Mom’s Face & Refuses To Let Go

Going into labor and delivering a baby can be filled with so much uncertainty, but it’s also one of the most magical moments in a mother’s life. All of the hard work of labor becomes immediately worth it when your newborn enters the world and is placed in your arms. In the United States, though, almost one-third of women deliver their babies via C-section. As a result of the anesthesia, the mothers are unable to move their arms to hold their newborns. Instead, the baby is placed on the mom’s chest or next to her head. While some people say that the bonding moment after C-sections isn’t as special, one woman’s viral video is proving that nothing could be farther from the truth. Earlier this year in Brazil, Brenda Coêhlo de Souza went into labor with her daughter Ágata Ribeiro Coêlho. After being delivered through C-section, Ágata was brought to Brenda so that they could immediately have their special skin-to-skin bonding time. However, everyone in the operating room was blown away by the incredibly touching experience of Ágata meeting her mother for the first time. As soon as Ágata was placed on her mother, the sweet newborn put her arm around Brenda’s face in a way that looks as if she is sweetly caressing her mom’s cheek. Together they stay like this for awhile until Ágata begins to cry out. Without missing a beat Brenda begins to sweetly talk to her new baby girl. Her loving words bring a calm peace over Ágata. Watching Ágata be comforted by Brenda, a brand-new mom who is already a rockstar in her role, is a testament to the fact that the bonding moments after C-sections are no less special than a natural delivery. Both Brenda and her baby girl have never seen each other face-to-face, yet they built a bond over nine months that connected them so deeply. Watch this sweet moment between mother and daughter below and share to spread the love.

Epileptic Boy Treated With Cannabis Is Now 300 Days Seizure-Free5m36s

Epileptic Boy Treated With Cannabis Is Now 300 Days Seizure-Free

11-year-old Billy Caldwell is the very first person to be treated with cannabis oil on the NHS and the results have proven to be remarkable. Billy’s epilepsy had not responded to regular medicine and at one point he was experiencing up to 30 life-threatening seizures a month. He began cannabis oil treatment in the US, before the prescription was transferred to his local GP in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It’s important to note, this medicinal CBD oil doesn’t have the chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes the ‘high’ experienced by recreational marijuana users.

After Seeing Her, ‘Something’ Tells Him to Go Back. That’s When He Knows ‘Life Could Be Worse’2m56s

After Seeing Her, ‘Something’ Tells Him to Go Back. That’s When He Knows ‘Life Could Be Worse’

Quintin Conway of Liberty, Missouri, was having a terrible morning and admittedly felt sorry for himself. The busy entrepreneur was sorting through a mental to-do list while receiving a deluge of incoming texts on his way to run errands. Describing his current state as grumpy would be an understatement. Conway needed a change in perspective, and quickly. He loaded his truck after an errand and headed for the parking lot exit, until he drove past a woman who caught his eye. Sitting alone in her car, just a short distance away in the same parking lot, was a bald woman, reading a book. What Conway suddenly felt he must do for this woman, and the result of his described “obedience” inspired him to make the following, viral video: “I have this overwhelming urge that I need to turn back around, go in the store, buy her some flowers and take them to her,” Conway said as he told the story of changing an older woman’s day for the better, after feeling led by God to do so. He hoped that it would put a smile on her face. Conway held back tears through much of his Facebook video. He described what happened after he delivered the flowers, telling the woman, “I hope it encourages you to smile and pass along a smile.” The entrepreneur got back into his truck and turned around to see the woman bawling in her car. It’s at this moment in the retelling of his story, that he couldn’t contain himself either. Comments poured in on the video that has over 4.5 million views and counting. Julia DeBoer wrote, “The power of God at work…you are an amazing young man and we need more people like you in this world! Remember, you reap what you sew, it will all come back to you for being a good person and following the hand of God!” Conway certainly got the new perspective he needed. As difficult as anyone’s life can be, we have much to be grateful for, and as many days as we have to live, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone else’s life. What the flowers had to have meant to that woman in the simplest sense, alone in her car and stripped it looked of her health, was that she wasn’t in fact alone. She was seen, and she was loved. Her life gave him a whole new perspective, and his gift of flowers and the charge to pass along a smile, by her reaction, did the same for her as well. If you’re encouraged by Quintin Conway’s message, be sure to share it and pass on his charge: #MakeSomeoneSmileToday!

Survived after bear attack49s

Survived after bear attack

A Montana man was brutally attacked by a grizzly bear, but survived to tell the tale just moments later. He talked into his camera still bleeding from his wounds, showing them off as though it was no big deal. He was probably hurting once that adrenaline rush wore off. WARNING: GRAPHIC

Tiny Baby Left to Die in Thorny Bushes46s

Tiny Baby Left to Die in Thorny Bushes

The rate at which girls are abandoned by their parents is alarming, especially in India. According to a national crime report in India, more than 3,500 children were abandoned between 2007 and 2011. Unfortunately, many cultures see male children as more valuable than female children. In India, this belief has created a society in which there are only approximately 914 women to every 1,000 males. Girls are often considered a curse and a financial burden. Many families cannot afford the dowry that marrying off their daughters requires. When one man in Gujarat, India least expected it, he became a hero to a very helpless infant girl. Going about his day, the passerby — who remains anonymous — happened upon an unlikely sight. Passing by a cluster of bushes, he suddenly heard what sounded like a baby’s cry. When the man investigated, he found a newborn, naked and covered in scratches. The good Samaritan called emergency services, who were able to give the infant life-saving care. Police believe the newborn was abandoned by her parents. Medics carefully pulled thorns from the tiny body and made sure she was well-fed. They later announced she was in stable condition. The infant girl who was left to die in the bushes is comparatively lucky. Many young girls simply go missing and are never found. UNICEF estimates that more than 50 million Indian girls and women are missing due to female infanticide and sex-elective abortions. The worldview that perpetrates a society in which one gender is better than another leads to these drastic consequences. There is hope, though. Nonprofit organizations — such as the Invisible Girl Project — are fighting infanticide and abandonment, and spreading awareness of the issue throughout India and the world. Through non-profits and the help of good Samaritans, perhaps someday infant girls will no longer be left abandoned on the side of the road. Until then, it is up to everyone to help spread awareness.

What Happens in McDonald’s Drive Through 167 Whopping Times in a Row1m04s

What Happens in McDonald’s Drive Through 167 Whopping Times in a Row

Drive-thrus were originally designed for quick meal services. You drive up to a speaker, place your order, zoom around to a window, pay for your food, and then you’re good to go! I guess it’s safe to say that the drive-thru was also made for hungry people who are lazy, in a rush, or who don’t have patience standing in long lines inside a restaurant. Whatever the case may be, drive-thrus come in handy, and especially made a difference — for an unexpected reason — for 167 customers at a McDonald’s located in the small Indiana town of Scottsburg. Not only were the consumers surprised, but the rest of the world was stunned by what happened in that particular drive-thru on Sunday evening, June 18, which just so happened to be Father’s Day. From 8:30 p.m. to midnight, a pay-it-forward chain had become a popular movement, and it all started with one of the restaurant’s regular customers. “She looked back and saw a father with four little kids, with a couple of Happy Meals and such,” Manager Tammi Hammonn told CNN. “She said she was going to pay for him, and to tell him Happy Father’s Day.” And, that’s just what cashier worker Hunter Hostetler did for the elderly woman who appeared to be in her ’60s. After he informed the guy that his food had been paid for, it surprisingly started a chain reaction. The father decided to cover the bill for the two cars waiting behind him, and his generosity inspired many other drive-thru customers to keep the kind act going. Soon, the trend reached 100 vehicles, and Hostetler couldn’t believe the numbers he was witnessing. “I had people telling me, ‘No, it’s going to stop here, It’s going to stop at 100. You’re not going to make it past,'” he recalled to WDRB-TV. It’s a good thing the naysayers were proved wrong, because the numbers continued to soar. Customer 161, Abby Smith, made it just in time right before midnight, but she said being part of such a large pay-it-forward chain was a “great feeling.” “I was just shocked because of the large number,” she expressed to ABC News. “I didn’t even think about it I just said, ‘Go ahead, take what the previous person put down. Go ahead and take that from us too.’” Most of the customers didn’t really care how big or little the orders were, according to Hostetler. But, there were several scrooges who weren’t in the spirit of giving. Hostetler wasn’t going to let that break the chain, though. For every customer who wouldn’t participate, he and his coworkers scraped up their own money to keep the charity flowing. Once midnight struck, Hostetler had to reveal some bad news to their last and final vehicle — customer 167. “The last customer who came through even asked if there was another car and I said, ‘Ma’am I’m sorry you’re our last customer for the night. We’re closing,’” he told ABC News. With so “much negativity in the world,” it’s awesome to witness people showing compassion for others, even if that means paying for someone’s meal. Putting a little love in your heart certainly makes the world a better place, as singer and songwriter, Jackie DeShannon, would say. And, it can all start with you.

Divers Backflip Into Ocean To Rescue Massive Whale Sharks Trapped In Net3m45s

Divers Backflip Into Ocean To Rescue Massive Whale Sharks Trapped In Net

If you’ve ever seen a whale shark, then you know how massive they can grow to be, which makes the video below all the more shocking. Four huge whale sharks are trapped in a fishing net. Luckily, eight divers step up to the plate. As you’ll see in the video below, the sharks faced a truly dire situation. Tightly trapped in the huge fishing net, the four sharks can barely move. Time is running out for them. The divers ride a boat to where the sharks are trapped, then they dive underwater in unison. With great care and focus, the eight divers work together to free the whale sharks from the massive net. Imagine being in the water with such majestic creatures! Unfortunately, the divers probably can’t waste a moment to take it all in, as the sharks are visibly uncomfortable inside the net. Sadly, animals getting trapped in fishing nets happens way too often in the wild. Nonetheless, the divers free the first two whale sharks pretty easily, but the last two need extra work. They aren’t just trapped inside the fishing net; they are tangled in it too.

Hospital Staff Freaked Out by Two Pitbulls1m46s

Hospital Staff Freaked Out by Two Pitbulls

St. Luke’s Anderson Campus is a hospital that is used to receiving visitors and they recently received a fun surprise when two friendly pitbulls decided to swing by to say hello. Surveillance footage shows the dogs strolling into the hospital as easy as you please, before heading off to the pharmacy. The pharmacist caught a glimpse of them and could not seem to figure out what was going on. The video was posted online by the hospital and these people definitely have a very good sense of humor about the situation. While some hospitals will work overtime to make sure that no unwanted visitors are allowed to show up, this administration had zero issues with their unexpected visitors. They consider themselves to be very kid friendly AND pet friendly. The dogs were very polite and well behaved. They were willing to stand in line at the pharmacy and wait their turn before being served and when dogs are willing to behave this well, they should get lots and lots of treats. We are not entirely certain if they got those treats, but what they did receive was a safe escort back out of the hospital with minimal fuss. They were allowed to have some water before they were taken off the scene and a security guard put leashes on the animals before leading them out. These dogs have an owner to call their own and it is easy to see that she is responsible for their great behavior. Kathy was reunited with the animals in an expeditious manner and was grateful to the hospital staff for assisting them. While some hospitals would have simply chased the dogs away or yelled at them, these guys went the extra mile and they deserve recognition for it. Her two little escapees ended up at the perfect place and Kathy was sure to write a note to the hospital to thank them for how well they took care of the pups during their unexpected journey into the medical field. This story definitely needs to be shared with a much wider audience and we implore you to share it with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. An adorable video like this one is definitely best watched with close friends and loved ones, so don’t be shy! Please take a moment to pass it along as soon as possible.

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Maggie Showcases Her Blessing Box37s

Maggie Showcases Her Blessing Box

A simple act of generosity often has a powerful impact. Now, one man’s generosity is sweeping his community and taking on a life of its own. It all began when Robert Espinoza, a 46-year-old Army veteran, took a class at a community college in Watertown, New York. There, he noticed something odd. The school kept a pantry for students who did not have enough to eat. Espinoza was floored by the idea that adult students might not have enough food at home. He decided to recreate the food pantry — this time, on his front lawn. Called a “Blessing Box,” this little cupboard is stocked with necessities, such as canned goods for those who do not have enough to eat. “Whether you’re taking or giving, you can just go to the blessing box. There’s not a lock on it — it’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” he said. While Espinoza built and filled the cupboard, he rarely needs to restock it. Other members of the community often leave items in the box for those in need. “The box itself is for the community and it’s sustained by the community. The community, the neighborhood and my block have been really supportive,” he explained. The little pantry is filled with more than just food. Shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and soap are also common items. They’ve taken off in many neighborhoods, with people rallying to keep them stocked and raise awareness about this great idea. There are plenty of posts and videos on social media about these charitable installations. After much initial success, the desire for more boxes is spreading across the community. Espinoza has “gotten a couple of requests from people around town for boxes for their property,” and more are likely to appear soon. He believes these boxes “create an atmosphere of support and generosity” throughout his town. He even dreams that “Watertown, New York, in the next five years, could be known as the city of blessing boxes.” Espinoza proves that a simple act of generosity can have a deep and long-lasting impact. Is there a blessing box in your neighborhood?

Published: August 18, 2017Updated: August 21, 2017
Cop saves granny from burning car30s

Cop saves granny from burning car

Driving is such a common part of everyday life for most of us. It would be overwhelming to reflect upon the serious potential dangers that come with driving on the road every time we step into a car. Of course, drivers should drive defensively and obey traffic laws, yet even if you are an excellent driver, accidents and emergencies still occur and are out of our control. More than likely you have been in one or know someone who has. The brave people who help rescue passengers trapped in vehicles during emergencies have many faces. God gives humans, even five-year-old girls, unique strength and courage to help others after car crashes and other emergencies that leave people helplessly trapped inside an unsafe car. In this story, the brave person who rescued an 87-year-old woman trapped in her car as it was on fire goes by the name of Officer Jimmy Madison. Officer Madison, a member of the Santa Fe Police, captured the terrifying moments before he rescued 87-year-old Deborah Spear as well as the moment she safely exited the vehicle consumed in flames. Spear was driving on a flat tire to see her doctor. She couldn’t tell that sparks had begun to spray from the wheel, catching on the front of her vehicle and setting it on fire. Thankfully, Officer Madison was on the scene as he yelled for her to get out of her car. Spear sat unaware of the dangerous flames engulfing the car in which she was sitting, and if he hadn’t warned her, she probably would not be alive today. Not only did Spear get out of the car in time despite her being not knowing her car was on fire, but Officer Madison was even able to get her cane out of the car before it was damaged. He also used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire so it would not cause further harm. Although the situation itself was serious, Spear has not suffered any damage. She was examined at the hospital for smoke inhalation and other complications, but she’s doing fine. She also made a miraculous last-minute decision before she got into her car that day to not bring her dog with her. Normally her dog goes everywhere with her, but fortunately her choice that day kept him safe at home away from the threat of the fire and smoke. We’re thankful for this observant policeman and his quick thinking. We’re sure that Spear and her pup are grateful, too!

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Grandpa gets his dream car after 65 years6m42s

Grandpa gets his dream car after 65 years

Charlie Marvin Green Jr has been a YouTube sensation for quite a while and is more commonly known as ‘Angry Grandpa’ on his channel with over three million subscribers. In a heartfelt video that was posted recently, we see “Angry Grandpa” being brought to tears by his son Michael who prepared a fantastic surprise for him. He gifted him his dream car, a Chevrolet Bel Air from 1955, exactly like the one Charlie lost years ago. Because of the popularity of the Angry Grandpa YouTube channel, son Michael was already able to fulfill one of his dad’s dreams, which was to own his own house. He mentions that his father always wanted his dream car back, so he recently made that wish come true as well. Angry Grandpa was given the 1955 Chevrolet when he was just sixteen years old and just got his driver’s license. A couple of weeks after he got it, his sister and her boyfriend took the car to take a trip to California. Unfortunately, the trip didn’t exactly go as expected, as the car broke down on the way there. Because of the mechanical troubles, his sister simply sold the Chevy to a local junkyard, without Charlie even knowing. He says in the video that he would’ve traveled all the way over the there to get the car himself, but he never got the opportunity to do so. Absolutely heartbroken, Charlie has regretted it ever since. However, his son Michael reunited him with a car that looked exactly the same, over 65 years later. The two were running errands and came across the 1955 Chevy in a parking lot, and Angry Grandpa noticed it immediately and quickly became very emotional. He was admiring the car for minutes and even quickly took a picture with it, as he thought the owner might return to the car at any moment. Little did he know that his son was actually the owner, and he conveniently placed the car in that parking lot to tease his father. He reminisces about his dream car that was taken away from him and seeing that car on the parking lot certainly brought up a lot of memories and emotions. When the two returned home, Charlie was extremely surprised to see the car driving on the driveway. It doesn’t take long before he realizes that it was a surprise from his son all along, and he immediately breaks down in tears. You can definitely tell how much this grandfather appreciated this incredible gesture from his son. The two share some nice moments and a big hug together, and then “Angry Grandpa” happily takes the classic car on a ride. What a heartwarming video!

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Twin Babies Dancing29s

Twin Babies Dancing

It’s tough to look at a smiling baby without feeling better about life. And when it’s two babies… Forget about it! These adorable, 8-month-old twin girls love listening to their mom sing. As soon as they hear the beat they can’t help but dance along with it! When their mom starts singing the theme song from the BBC show EastEnders, the babies’ faces light up and they start bopping along to the music. Their mom is off-screen, so it’s hard to know what exactly she is doing while she is singing, but one thing is clear – these little girls think their mom is simply hilarious! One of the babies starts laughing so hard she just can’t contain herself!

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A Giant Blackhead Extraction4m17s

A Giant Blackhead Extraction

An 85-Year-Old woman had a giant mole on her back for years. She never thought anything of it until it began to cause her pain. But when her daughter urged her to go see Dr. Sandra Lee, aka “Dr. Pimple Popper,” the 85-year-old gave in. She found out that the “mole” was actually a GIANT blackhead that needed to be popped… After injecting some local anesthetic, Dr. Pimple Popper gets to work at the 1:30-mark in the video. “It’s like a little plug in a faucet,” Dr. Pimple Popper says. She grabs a pair of tweezer and starts to grip the blackhead in order to yank it from the woman’s shoulder. It doesn’t take the doctor long to remove the blackhead. And it’s huge! “We plan to see her again in the near future, and if she doesn’t like the appearance, or if it tends to fill again, we can excise the enlarged pore, and place a couple stitches, so that she replaces the “hole” with a fine line scar,” Dr. Pimple Popper writes in the video description.

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Crazy Funny Sitter and Dog3m26s

Crazy Funny Sitter and Dog

Over long vacations, most owners find it tough to leave their four-legged babies at home. Even if a house-sitter stays the whole time, concerned puppy parents still can’t be sure that Spot’s getting all of the TLC he deserves. When one family needed a dog sitter for their pooch, Skylar, while they went on vacation, they entrusted a young man named James Liakos with the duty. Hilariously, he decided to make a film of their activities while the owners were away, entitled Dog: Story Of A Man’s Best Friend. The final product was, well… something else! For pet owners hoping to take an extended vacation, it’s stressful to leave your four-legged companion at home. When one family went on a week-long excursion, they left their dog, Skylar, in the care of a dog sitter named James Liakos. Thankfully, with the help of a video camera, James decided to record his experience. To say the two of them had a great time would be an understatement! The family was nervous, of course, and they wanted to make sure that Skylar was in the best hands possible. Much to the relief of the family members, as soon as James entered their home, Skylar seemed to immediately take to him. Because Skylar was an active dog, the family instructed that James give the pup plenty of time outdoors. Of course, he recorded everything! James decided that the first thing they would do would be to play Frisbee in the backyard. He grew up with dogs, and he found that a Frisbee was a one-way ticket to their heart… And boy, was he right! Still, even after a long, exhausting game of catch with the Frisbee, Skylar had tons of energy. So what better way to burn some of it off than to run a few laps around the yard? James found it hard to keep up with the energetic dog, but he loved every second of his company—and his video was perfect proof. After their leisurely jog around the family’s backyard, James and Skylar took a trip around the neighborhood for a change of scenery. It was a gorgeous day, and the neighborhood had a lot of beautiful areas for them to explore. After their outdoor journey, it was finally time to head inside and cool off. That didn’t mean sitting on the couch and watching television. Instead, James had another idea in mind: He wrapped himself up in a towel, and he and Skylar took turns making hilarious faces at each other in front of the camera! Dog-sitting Skylar was turning out to be one of the best experiences James had ever had with an animal. The two of them got along like the best of friends. With the camera set up, James even took the time to explain the importance of core strength training to Skylar using the family’s yoga ball! After several hours of nonstop playing, Skylar seemed to know when it was time to rest. He retreated to the cozy fleece mattress inside his cage, as it had been a long day of fun. While Skylar certainly loved his family, he discovered a special bond with James. James would always remember the time he spent with Skylar. After returning home, the family was amazed to see just how close the two of them had become. Thrilled with James’ work, Skylar’s family knew that the next time they took a vacation, James would be their first choice to watch their pup! Watch James’s video below of the wild time he had with Skylar; there was even a blooper reel! You’ll laugh out loud at some of the precious moments these two buddies shared. It takes a special person to establish such a strong connection with an animal, and as you can see, James was clearly the right man for the job!

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Parrots feeding at backyard2m07s

Parrots feeding at backyard

It is commonly known how dangerous Australian wildlife can be. Australia has killer spiders, massive crocodiles, and 120-degree weather. But this particular video, posted back in January 18 of 2014, is showing a beautiful, non-deadly side to Australian wildlife. The video starts when Gordon McCoullough leads his two small daughters onto their back deck, carrying kitchen bowls. He starts to whistle, and then the wild parrots come. A least eight parrots can be seen in the video landing on the roof, eating out of the dad’s and daughter’s hands, and happily squawking as they waddle about on the deck. It seems to be a common routine for both family and birds. These King Parrots and Cockatoos live in the Snowy Mountains in Eastern Australia, informally called “The Snowies.” This is the highest mountain range in mainland Australia. It is not uncommon for parrots, even when wild, to flock to humans, especially if they are being hand-fed. Parrots are intelligent, inquisitive birds that love socializing, which is why they probably love this encounter as much as the McCoullough family and their viewers. “It is very rewarding to watch my kids interact with the wildlife.” McCoullough says. It is evident that the daughters take their cues from their dad when it comes to being kind and gentle to these birds, though the youngest seems a bit apprehensive — perhaps she knows the routine a little too well and the intrigue has worn off. These kids are sure to remember these moments for the rest of their lives. This activity has remained routine for the McCoullough family. The father comments, “I am lucky to get to feed them every day now.” His daughters are also becoming quite the bird and nature experts of their own. McCoullough says, “My kids used this to share [this video] with their class. Now our kids are teaching all of their friends.” One viewer asked, “Is this a family of Disney Princesses?” The dad replied, “My daughters defiantly are!” Another posted the video, comparing McCoullough to a “male Cinderella.” Indeed, there is something enchanting to seeing all these birds flock to this family in their happy routine. It’s a wonderful picture of being in harmony with nature. The McCoullough family clearly lives in a beautiful place with beautiful wildlife. The internet is lucky to have this video as a window to this winged encounter.

Rescued Tortoise Plays Chase With Rescued Pit Bull37s

Rescued Tortoise Plays Chase With Rescued Pit Bull

Sheldon is an 8-year-old sulfate tortoise, and Dolly, is a 3-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. The two were both rescued from the Humane Society of North Texas and their new family says they love each other and love to play chase like you’ll see in the video. I was expecting it to be Dolly doing the chasing, but it’s in fact, Sheldon! Sheldon’s a lot speedier than I would have thought too. Share this great example of just how amazing rescue animals are!