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Mommy Is Preparing Meals For Her Dogs When She Turns Around And Sees Them Doing This?2m13s

Mommy Is Preparing Meals For Her Dogs When She Turns Around And Sees Them Doing This?

Saying grace is a tradition for any meal at the home, and has been long observed for centuries. Many pets wouldn’t wait until the end to start begging, but here are some dogs who definitely learned their manners. Owned by a Chinese woman preparing their meals, they wait patiently until she is done. But before they can eat, they have to say grace. They all put their paws up and their heads down as the woman blesses the meal. Then the chowing down begins. It’s a wonder they’re so patient when they’re so hungry, but these are obviously well-trained dogs. They even pick up after themselves when they are done to help their dog mama keep the table clean. Take a look at this video!

Published: October 17, 2016121,386 views
She Looked Like A Regular Horse. But Watch Her Legs When Music Starts! I’m STUNNED!6m30s

She Looked Like A Regular Horse. But Watch Her Legs When Music Starts! I’m STUNNED!

Andreas Helgstrand is a horse trainer and performer who took Blue Hors to the test, and he shocked everyone when he showed the world what he and his horse were capable of. The entire audience was mesmerized by this routine. Matiné was 9 years old at the time of this recording, which is still fairly young for a horse. They usually don’t reach their performance peak until they’re fully grown adults, but she shows what she’s made of in this impressive video. Watch this beautiful and majestic horse performance on this following video, it’s truly something worth watching. Remember to share it with your friends on Facebook!

Published: October 20, 201610,952 views
Amazon Parrot Adorably Sings And Whistles Along With Man On Guitar2m51s

Amazon Parrot Adorably Sings And Whistles Along With Man On Guitar

We all know that parrots can sing and talk. They are great at mimicking sounds they hear. In the wild, a parrot enjoys a lifespan of about 80 years! That gives them a lot of time to learn! You can even train your bird to respond to different cues and put together a hilarious video! The video below comes to use from Sertanópolis, Brazil and it features Neno Alfenas and an Amazon parrot. While Alfenas strums on his guitar, his gorgeous green parrot whistles along with him! The duo sings several Brazilian songs one of them is Natiruts’ “Liberdade Pra Dentro da Cabeça.” You have to imagine these two are just waiting to be discovered! As it stands, they are an internet sensation! Even if you don’t understand the words, you can certainly appreciate the beautiful music and the talented bird – and Alfenas isn’t too shabby either! Share away, people.

Published: October 24, 20168,567 views
Kids At The Zoo: Compilation5m42s

Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

In this funny animal video, tune in to see an awesome compilation of kids interacting with their favorite animals at the zoo.

Published: December 15, 20161,508 views
How to Heal Cavities NATURALLY1m27s

How to Heal Cavities NATURALLY

Did you know that you can heal cavities naturally? Learn how to keep your teeth sparkling without having to visit the dentist!

Published: February 10, 20171,439 views
Animals Can Be Real Rascals - Best Funny Compilation!6m16s

Animals Can Be Real Rascals - Best Funny Compilation!

Most people can not imagine their life without pets. After all, how can one live without the delightful furry chump that brings joy to the whole family? Family pets unite the family with the love they provide to each member and with the love they get in return. However, when people are not looking, these precious love bundles are known to turn into real rascals! Sometimes, when you come home and see the consequences of destruction your pet saw as redecoration of your common space or the food that is simply and inexplicably disappearing from the coffee table, pranks ruthlessly set on other animals sharing the household, you just do not know whether to laugh or cry. The peace-loving and friendly-looking creatures you love and cherish so much can behave like real scoundrels and we managed to catch their evil and yet hilarious mischiefs on video, just to expose their devious minds!. Everything you love so much as to pitch your voice high when calling or tighten your jaw to prevent them from squeezing them tight when petting, everything dear to your heart can be, at least sometimes behave like a naughty, evil, rascal. Even dogs? The same dogs that are so fluffy, affable, loyal, charming and all that? Yes, them especially! These are not just accusations, we have documented facts! Watch this hilarious video and find out for yourself!

Published: December 15, 20161,356 views
This friendly fish has visited a Japanese diver for 25 years3m04s

This friendly fish has visited a Japanese diver for 25 years

Nowadays, people have different animals as pets. It seems that any species can become man’s best friend. The world has seen people bonding with unusually small creatures like lizards to big animals like baby elephants. If both of them show some sort of affection, and there is a sense of trust between them then anything is possible in the world of animals. Something really special is a friendship between a Japanese diver and a fish. For many years, Hiroyuki Arakawa from Tateyama Bay in Japan has the job to clean and secure a very sacred underwater shrine. Besides maintaining the shrine, he is also maintaining a unique bond with a fish named Yoriko. For more than two decades, the two would recognize each other instantly. Arakawa never forgets to greet Yoriko with a kiss on his head which usually happens at 1:29. Fish are known to have very blank faces, but Arakawa is very different to him as the fish would not swim away like most fish do when human approaches. The large Asian sheepshead wrasse fish swims right by his side as he does his work. The fish keeps him company in the dark depths of the bay. One can easily say, there is no bond stronger than that between a man and his fish.

Published: December 18, 20161,112 views