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Rottweiler puppy 2 months old to hospital 2m27s

Rottweiler puppy 2 months old to hospital

Rottweiler puppies are only two months old when they naturally stop eating, and drink only water. I had to bring it to the veterinarian, the doctor concluded that it was inflamed, and I was very worried about its health. And it was hospitalized

Bird trap 1m36s

Bird trap

Crest (Pycnonotus jocosus) is a species of crested bird. This species is distributed in Asia. They are introduced to tropical countries in Asia and therefore, they have dedicated areas created by them. Welcome crests of fruits and insects are small and easy to see on the branches because the songs are from 1 to 4 syllables. The crests have a recognizable crest, the white cheeks and the white "plaque" are red, thus giving them the English name as red-whiskered. In Vietnam, depending on the region that they have different names: caprine, planes, red cap, red helmet ... but the most common name is still the crest.

Dong Tao chicken 22s

Dong Tao chicken

(Vietnamese: gà Đông Tảo), also called Dragon Chicken, is a Vietnamese chicken breed with enlarged feet, that originates from the village Đông Tảo in Khoái Châu District near Hanoi. Dong Tao chickens are valued as a delicacy in Vietnam. They are difficult to breed as large breeders make hatching difficult which makes them an expensive chicken breed. It takes eight months to get one until the chickens are ready for slaughtering with three to five kilograms of weight.

The baby just cried while singing 2m07s

The baby just cried while singing

Cute baby crying and singing in the adult's opinion He remembers how well he is I do not write long letters At first I did not know what to say Besides the sentence I miss you full Please feel free to work I have a heart to heart The day I think about you is so much Leave the night to dream about him

duck baby swimming 1m56s

duck baby swimming

Adorable ducklings born in flower pot, swim in the pool in their first day of life. Mom takes them to the water right away, then desperately tries to teach them how to get out. Unbelievable experience.

baby witch 33s

baby witch

On an outdoor fishing trip, we were not able to fish, my daughter devised a way to make her a witch to call fish.

Train the malinois 1m49s

Train the malinois

To get a belgian dog (Malinois) smart as you expect, you need to know how to train them properly, especially when the dog is 2 months old. Exercise and achievement must be a process so you need to have a harmonious and balanced whole. 1. How to train dogs since the dog is 2 months old Two months old is a Belgian dog (Malinois) that has been weaned and separated from his mother and may be sold in one of the strange environment. When new dogs bring home, you should use different ways to integrate them. In addition, they will gradually become accustomed to environmental training to ensure the dog is fully grown and developed. When a dog is young, you should only do simple exercises such as shouting for the dog to stand up, or lying down, to form a habit and let the dog get used to the voice of the receiver. Each session should last only about 5 - 10 minutes. Since the body of the dog is too little, so little time for the dog to get acquainted. You should only last for 2 weeks. Then increase the time as well as the training regime in the best way. 2. How to train a Belgian dog (Malinois) 4 months old At different ages and stages, the use and diet regime must also be changed to match that of a Belgian dog (malinois) for balance and harmony. Exercise should also be increased to allow the dog to gradually improve his strength and smooth the exercises. Besides the use of large exercises. 3. Exercise and crawl under the ground 4. Other exercises

Baby Mame and Poodle Riku Are Bestie 1m53s

Baby Mame and Poodle Riku Are Bestie

Recently, a series of pictures of Mame's baby girl and dog poodle Riku has caused the Japanese Instagram community to frenzy because of the love of both. 5-year-old Japanese girl Mame and Riku - a huge dog with a very close friendship. Witnessing the lovely gestures they both gave each other, Mame's grandmother captured and published Instagram. Immediately, this lovely couple captured the hearts of the crowd and watched over 80,000 people. Not only Riku, Mame also has two friends, two dogs Gaku and Qoo. But nothing can replace Riku - Mame's closest friend. The two are always together and together do anything, from sleeping, playing games or reading. Surely everyone desires to have a beautiful friendship as between Mame and Riku.

Bird traps April 14, 2018 4m46s

Bird traps April 14, 2018

Birds is a wildlife pleasures and is the passion of so many people. No matter the rich and poor, regardless of male and female, anyone who loves birds will find themselves a bird to be friends. There are people who love the melodious song of birds, paintings, others love the beauty of the fire, fire charcoal. Back to the sound of the "lick sting" of the bird advised, small in the light blue coat. The city likes to play birds by the birds symbolizing the beauty of the mountains, the wildlife in the wildlife life in the noisy bustle they rarely enjoy. They found pure pristine sounds, little joys from the pleasures. The bird became a companion early in the day, in a melancholy melody, it made people forget the worries of everyday life. Listening to birds, people suddenly feel their peace of mind, feeling light and relaxed for a new effective day.

Pet - Wildcat (Felis silvestris) 30s

Pet - Wildcat (Felis silvestris)

A National Cancer Institute study found that all cats in the world today are descended from a group of self-domesticated kittens 10,000 years ago in the Near East. Believe this happens when the Agricultural Revolution brings seeds that will be stored in the barn, attracting rodents, thus attracting cats. So I hope to be able to domesticate this cat for a few years, and have some experience sharing it with me. thank you

Met a small black animal like a cat 46s

Met a small black animal like a cat

One incident happened when I walked through a quiet street in the middle of the night, and suddenly I met a small black animal. I was not sure if it was a kitten. But perhaps this animal lives wild in the forest. Unfortunately, my camera can not record the image better. Who can guess what it is. I will definitely go back there and hope to see it again

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Horse racing farm 8m26s

Horse racing farm

The center of Thai Nguyen city Vietnam. About 7km, Ba Van horse farm is located on a large land. This is the largest research, development and growth of horse in Vietnam. With fresh, cool and airy climate, this place is suitable for breeding and developing clean food source suitable for horses. Beside the wild and natural farm with dense grasslands, it becomes a great place for hawkers, hawks and echoes. Every day, horses will be released at a fixed time. It is also a time when visitors have the opportunity to admire the horse graze grazed by the lake or run off in the prairie grasslands. Feeling like you are in the remote Mongolian steppes, not in Thai Nguyen. If you ever come to Vietnam do not forget this is an interesting destination

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Baby crocodile swimming in pots 30s

Baby crocodile swimming in pots

Many animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, pigs ... can become a pet. But a baby crocodile is so cute (it's just cute when it's baby) and when it becomes a pet, I think there's a lot of potential danger inside, it can bite you whenever no one can predict. At best make it an iron cage or thick glass tank to avoid any danger. If you want it to be a pet

Big carp fishing on the river 4m24s

Big carp fishing on the river

We met an old man on the river. He caught a huge carp, interestingly, he tied a string to the fish's mouth and carried it along the river. We asked to buy the fish but the old man was reluctant. He demanded a price is very expensive, we are very interested in fish and determined to buy it. And it is a very popular dish of us

The pig does not sleep 21s

The pig does not sleep

Once we visited the pig farm, there were many piglets, pigs. And it's interesting to see a piggy that refuses to sleep on his four legs and it looks so strange. Maybe it has a disease that only people often take care of them know