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Baby is stuck in a monkey cage 1m10s

Baby is stuck in a monkey cage

Because of curiosity with the monkeys, the baby has crawled inside its cage. The result is that the baby is stuck out of the head. He just cried and asked for help from his parents

Truck fleeing the traffic police 53s

Truck fleeing the traffic police

If the picture quality is better then this should be a scene in the action movie. The truck driver deliberately fled the police making the streets riot and extremely dangerous for the people

Puppy 20 days old 1m38s

Puppy 20 days old

20-day-old puppies. But the gentle mother did not attack strangers, I was scared to see it but it did not take any action.

hunting dog, purebred 29s

hunting dog, purebred

The faces of the two dogs are very gentle but they are skilled hunters. Each time the owner comes to the forest they also bring. Squirrel, snake or rat, forest chicken ..

pet trend 1m33s

pet trend

You think of a pet eating a piece of bamboo, and without the smell, it's great, they just got home for 3 days.

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Puppy rottweiler after a day in hospital 37s

Puppy rottweiler after a day in hospital

After a day at the hospital, infusion it has recovered and eaten. We are very happy about the recovery, but it has not been back because not yet completed treatment. Hope but the good will come to my dog

Rottweiler puppy 2 months old to hospital 2m27s

Rottweiler puppy 2 months old to hospital

Rottweiler puppies are only two months old when they naturally stop eating, and drink only water. I had to bring it to the veterinarian, the doctor concluded that it was inflamed, and I was very worried about its health. And it was hospitalized

Bird trap 1m36s

Bird trap

Crest (Pycnonotus jocosus) is a species of crested bird. This species is distributed in Asia. They are introduced to tropical countries in Asia and therefore, they have dedicated areas created by them. Welcome crests of fruits and insects are small and easy to see on the branches because the songs are from 1 to 4 syllables. The crests have a recognizable crest, the white cheeks and the white "plaque" are red, thus giving them the English name as red-whiskered. In Vietnam, depending on the region that they have different names: caprine, planes, red cap, red helmet ... but the most common name is still the crest.

Dong Tao chicken 22s

Dong Tao chicken

(Vietnamese: gà Đông Tảo), also called Dragon Chicken, is a Vietnamese chicken breed with enlarged feet, that originates from the village Đông Tảo in Khoái Châu District near Hanoi. Dong Tao chickens are valued as a delicacy in Vietnam. They are difficult to breed as large breeders make hatching difficult which makes them an expensive chicken breed. It takes eight months to get one until the chickens are ready for slaughtering with three to five kilograms of weight.

The baby just cried while singing 2m07s

The baby just cried while singing

Cute baby crying and singing in the adult's opinion He remembers how well he is I do not write long letters At first I did not know what to say Besides the sentence I miss you full Please feel free to work I have a heart to heart The day I think about you is so much Leave the night to dream about him

duck baby swimming 1m56s

duck baby swimming

Adorable ducklings born in flower pot, swim in the pool in their first day of life. Mom takes them to the water right away, then desperately tries to teach them how to get out. Unbelievable experience.