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wild boar *37s

wild boar *

The wild boar is very tourist-friendly, weighing up to 200kg and up to nine years from the time it is brought back.

red face monkey *2m51s

red face monkey *

They visit the mini zoo, the red monkeys are very interesting, they always offer their hands to beg, and they are very aggressive if someone dares to tease it.

welcome birds *32s

welcome birds *

a bird in the zoo, it always greet guests when someone comes near, it can also speak the human language although no one taught it

horse burning - Paper horse 1m36s

horse burning - Paper horse

In the view of the living, the dead are taken down to the realm of the yin, a place similar to the realm. The people in the realm are living in the same world and they also need to have things for life. People can burn money and other types of gold, such as used items, later make more home, car, computer, television, telephone, .... Many people believe that the realm of money is burned as much money as the money, there will be more money to spend and become rich under the realms and when they become rich will be more blessing for people. Life becomes more prosperous, more prosperous

dingo dog 42s

dingo dog

A common dog breed of Canis lupus dingo commonly found in Vietnam has been taken from the forest to the city

The Royal Chicken 1m33s

The Royal Chicken

The Royal Chicken, also known as the Royal Chicken, is a breed of chicken originating from Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom and being raised in China. Nowadays, they are popularly used for making chickens, which are characteristic of the shrimps. In Vietnam, chickens have been widely propagated, many people have the money to choose gifts for the holidays, Tet. This chicken is imported from England but very suitable for farming in Vietnam climate

the smallest stilts house 2m32s

the smallest stilts house

Stilt houses are houses raised on piles over the surface of the soil or a body of water. Stilt houses are built primarily as a protection against flooding, and they also keep out vermin. The shady space under the house can be used for work or storage.

two boys twin 4m32s

two boys twin

Two twin boys play slider with two girls also twin but completely different, the phenomenon of other birth eggs. casually

the story of squirrels 1m17s

the story of squirrels

The story of squirrels -The story of the squirrel - it was raised in a small iron cage, one day it managed to escape, and the escape was successful. But after only three days out, he was not able to feed himself and was chased by very aggressive dogs. Finally, after three days, he found the old cage and was fed by the owner as in the clip