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Bizarre creature demolishes worm! 9s

Bizarre creature demolishes worm!

This aquatic animal is called an Axolotl, they are part of the Salamander family. They are very cool, they re-grow limbs, eat worms, and need very specific care requirements! Do a lot of research before getting an axolotl.

Kitten Kneads Husky With Paws While Trying To Find Milk54s

Kitten Kneads Husky With Paws While Trying To Find Milk

Toa the kitten and Kuma the Husky are different by chance, but best friends by choice. Watch as Tora is trying to get milk from Kuma! Sometimes, before meal times when she is starting to get hungry, she kneads him with her paws and tries to find milk. The kitten is suckling on the husky but the huksy doesn’t go to full “mom mode”. The kitten thinks this husky is her mommy! So cute! Some kittens will continue to nurse after they are weaned because nursing comforts them and helps them feel secure. Some will suck on objects, their own body or, like this kitten Toa, another animal. Although the behavior can remain a relatively benign comfort behavior for the cat, it is usually annoying to the Kuma. Though Kuma doesn’t really like to be treated as the mother of this cat, he remains calm and gentle enough taking care not to hurt her. Even when he shows his discomfort by removing the cat with his mouth, he goes one extra mile while being careful not to harm her in any way. Kuma loves his friend very much, he expresses his love by licking the cat so as to comfort her. All dogs and kittens are cute but do they share the deep connection like this two in the video? We don’t think so. Their friendship is unique and it triggers our empathy and adoration. Because we humans have an innate ability to tell when something is cute. Mostly, our brains consider what seems to be defenseless, vulnerable, and extremely young as cute. So when we look at anything that reminds us of a defenseless baby, we automatically go “awwww“.

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This Curious Pup Loves Watching Other Animals On TV1m06s

This Curious Pup Loves Watching Other Animals On TV

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but she was kind of asking for it. Still, there is nothing wrong with having a solid dose of curiosity about you. If it weren’t for the desire to see, know and learn about something, we wouldn’t have all the things we take for granted these days, like wheels and electricity. Now, animals might not have the innate ability to create and innovate things, but their curiosity is still endearing to watch. Some are curious about their own kind, some about squirrels, some are even curious about babies. But this pup, he is curious about every animal he ever sees on the TV screen. Whenever Ralfie sees an animal on TV, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, squirrel or frog, he runs over to say hi! The tiny wire-haired pooch jolts from his spot and runs over to the TV stand, lifts up on his hind legs and buries his nose as close to the flatscreen as possible, wishing he could get right in there with the new potential pal. Since he is too short to reach the TV and no one seems to bother helping him, Ralfie taps his little paws on the floor, wags his fluffy tail and whines with sorrow. Why can’t this squirrel come out and play? Why is that husky ignoring him? Why aren’t the humans coming to help Ralfie? Poor pup, that is so sweet.

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Cute dog asks politely for pets 1m04s

Cute dog asks politely for pets

Harry is such a cute boy, he's also cheeky and loves attention! He knows a swift tap with his paw will make his owners give in and stroke him. This can sometimes go on for hours! He just loves the cuddles!

Husky bath time! 42s

Husky bath time!

Kuma and Ragnar are having their long overdue bath!! They got all dirty out on walkies the day before and now they are all squeaky clean! Follow us on Instagram: @TheHuskyMom

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Very Tidy Bunny Likes To Have His Ducks In A Row1m09s

Very Tidy Bunny Likes To Have His Ducks In A Row

Have you ever seen a pet that is very tidy and always keeps his sheets clean and bed made? Watch this ash-color bunny engage in the cutest struggle with his owner! The video shows a bunny sitting in his crib inside the bunny cage when his owner starts putting toys inside his house. Watch his adorable reaction! Rhubarb is just trying to make his bed, but his owner keeps placing toys on it. He's making it as clear as possible that he wants a neat and tidy room, but his owner doesn’t seem to be getting it! It is like he wants to say: Mi casa no es su casa, you are not allowed to bring any toys, I am not comfortable around them! Rhubarb is annoyed every time his owner puts toys in his bed and immediately takes them off and throws them on the floor! The bunny wants to be alone in the crib and likes to have his ducks in a row, he likes having a tidy bed and he is annoyed every time his owner makes a mess by bringing his toys inside the fluffy crib. Watch these two engage in the cuttest struggle, owner made over dozen attempts, but to no avail, the bunny instantly gets rid of the intruder!

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Dying bee rescued by compassionate human3m02s

Dying bee rescued by compassionate human

After seeing a bee lying on the ground, this woman scooped it up onto the garden table and fed it some sugar water. To make this, you mix 2 tbsp of sugar to 1 tbsp of water. You will know when the bee is drinking - just look at that tongue! We hope this little bee lived! Save the bees!

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Husky plays fetch, kitten tries to join in54s

Husky plays fetch, kitten tries to join in

Playing fetch is usually a dogs favourite thing to do, but it also looks like some cats find it entertaining as well! While Kuma is playing fetch with his owner, Tora the kitten wants to run after the toy as well! What a great way to get her exercise in for the day! Tora loves to join in with her friend Kuma, they always have a blast together! Near the end, it looks like Tora is starting to slow down, all the running from chasing the toy has definitely gotten to her, maybe it's time for a nap! Kuma and Tora do many activities together! When they are apart, they are very sad! What an unlikely friendship these two have. Many people believe dogs and cats can't get along, but after watching this video, we can clearly see that isn't true! Kuma has always been a very anxious dog but Tora the kitten helped him out. These two also love taking photos together! They make so many great memories together! Their adventures aren't going to end anytime soon, now that they are a family, they are inseparable! How precious is this? Do you want your pets to get some exercise? Check out some of these toys you can play fetch with! They will love chasing after the toy and bringing it back to you. Be careful though, once you start, they may never want it to end!

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