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Exhausted Cat Passes Out On The Desk And Starts Snoring Like An Old Man31s

Exhausted Cat Passes Out On The Desk And Starts Snoring Like An Old Man

Videos of kittens snoring are adorable. However this may not be so cute when it’s early in the morning and your cat sounds like a ripsaw on the pillow next to you. Snoring in cats is not as common as in dogs and is usually caused by some kind of partial obstruction in the upper airway. The low-pitched sound usually results from soft tissue or fluid interfering with the smooth passage of air through the nose or throat. As in people, it may be just positional and relatively harmless, but in some cases, snoring may indicate a medical problem in the cat. This cat must have had quite the day and barely got the chance to relax and get some quality nap. Hearing Mr. Stinky snore, growl and hiss in his sleep will make you laugh out loud! There is no doubt that this cat dropped dead from exhaustion, Mr. Stinky is snoring like an old man, with his eyes half-opened and his paws jerking. He makes the most hilarious and both ridiculous sound there is! You could have never imagined hearing this weird noise coming out of a cat! It is like hearing an old man snoring from next door which leaves you without any sleep. The cat must be dreaming of something not very pleasant because the sounds he makes seem hostile.

Published: October 6, 201755,751 views