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Black Iron chicken10m35s

Black Iron chicken

A very interesting method for grilling chicken, in a black iron pan on the grill, with a bonus pan sauce.

Published: September 27, 20142 views
How to reverse sear steak10m47s

How to reverse sear steak

Here's one for all the steak lovers out there! User 'rootboy' shows us how to reverse sear a steak on a charcoal grill! The end product looks absolutely delicious. Credit to 'rootboy'.

Published: August 14, 20147,538 views
How to make Jack Daniels BBQ glaze10m12s

How to make Jack Daniels BBQ glaze

'The Root Boy Cooks' shows you how to cook up a Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze in just a few easy steps. It'll really add some flavor to the grill on those hot summer days!

Published: May 7, 201445,186 views