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Fluffy feather - the mortal enemy 38s

Fluffy feather - the mortal enemy

Sometimes the greatest fights we have with ourselves, or with our feathers in this case. Fluffy white feathers are most annoying ones, they are sticky and you have to be very fast and strong to fight them.

Published: November 5, 201839 plays$0.02 earned
Super smart parrot knows his colors10s

Super smart parrot knows his colors

Playing games and learning tricks are fun activities to do with parrots. It makes bonds stronger and their mind occupied. Riki is a 17-month-old Indian ringneck who is learning new things every day. He's very talkative and enjoy to participate in everyday activities. He recently started learning colors, and knows how to differ yellow and blue very well. Impressive!

Published: July 22, 201865 plays$0.03 earned