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Dog Pulls Adorable Guilty Face After Tearing A Box Of Owner’s Childhood Toys15s

Dog Pulls Adorable Guilty Face After Tearing A Box Of Owner’s Childhood Toys

Captured on camera is the moment when a lady confronts her pet dog after she has found out that her dog destroyed her childhood box full of toys. Titus the chocolate lab was caught red-pawed tearing up a box of his owner's childhood toys. And when he gets in a chewing mood, he really goes for broke. He managed to rip the box and he has this look on his face trying to say 'I know I've done wrong but look how cute I am’. Titus is a <a href=" https://rumble.com/v31qc6-dog-confused-by-disappearing-boy.html " target="_blank">dog</a> with a guilty conscience and guilt can be a difficult emotion to conceal and for this dog it is almost impossible to hide as it is written all over his face. When his owner confronts him and attempts to tell him off about his misbehavior, the dastardly dog shows his shy face all over the camera. And the latest destructive rampage must have come as a disappointment as his owner finds about it. She then asks him why he had torn toys up and the dog reacts immediately by looking away in the opposite direction as if he hasn't heard the question and fidgets uncomfortably. After being reprimanded second time and asked again why he had torn the toys but he only pulls the most apologetic dog face ever. The repentant <a href=" https://rumble.com/v39yn3-rollercoaster-poker-face.html " target="_blank">face</a> of Titus the dog sincerely expresses feelings of remorse and regret and who could be mad at a face like this? Titus definitely wants to make amends but he is not quite sure yet how to make them.