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Toddler Lovingly 'Washes' Baby Sister's Hair30s

Toddler Lovingly 'Washes' Baby Sister's Hair

Siblings are the gift that keep on giving. Having a brother or a sister in your life means that you will never be alone or unprotected and you will always have a best friend that you just can’t stay angry at, no matter how hurt you were when they stole your favorite toy! These two are still very young and with such a small age difference between them, but one thing is evident! This big brother will always be there to help his little sister with bath time! Zoey doesn't know what to think when Trystan starts massaging her head. In reality, he is just trying to wipe off the excess lotion from his hands! When dad asks him what is he doing, the boy doesn’t even think twice before blurting out how he is washing Zoey’s hair! Good thing dad translated it for us, because we never would have guessed it with his baby babble! Zoey tries to vocalize that she doesn’t like her brother’s hair care treatment, screaming and fussing, but her tiny baby hands can’t seem to reach her head. But when Tristan is all done with his work, Zoey looks all stylish and chic, so the little girl rejoices at her hairstyle! Too cute!

Published: October 24, 2017489,400 views