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Sneaky Crow Nips At Unsuspecting Dachshund’s Tail32s

Sneaky Crow Nips At Unsuspecting Dachshund’s Tail

A funny video has emerged of an angry bird going after a little pooch, trying to bite on its tail behind his back. It appears that this pup has wandered onto the wrong turf, because an upset crow repeatedly bites its tail! Crazy! Watch as an impatient crow starts to bite and yank the tail of a dog, much to owner’s amusement. It is hilarious how this sneaky crow hops behind pooch’s back, trying to bite on its tail. We cannot help but laugh at this unfortunate situation, but the entire setting is just hilarious! Crows can be such a nuisance sometimes. The come on our window, cawing loudly and incessantly, sometimes they knock on the glass and even steal things. It’s like they are taunting us! However, there are numerous reports from people who claim that they have been attacked by these angry birds, and this pooch can be the perfect witness for that! For whatever reason, this crow has a real problem with an unsuspecting dachshund pooch wandering around the woods. Watches as this mean black bird lands close to the pooch and then rushes to take a nip at its tail just to chase it away! This frustrated crow is captured on camera annoying a super friendly pooch from behind its back. Maybe the black bird was just looking for a new friend, but judging by the cry for help the pooch delivers at the end of the video, we cannot help but suspect that the crow had some ulterior motive! You won't believe how incredibly calm and friendly this owner is when the crow attacks their dog! They don’t try to chase the bird away , only giggle to the uncomfortable encounter! What would you have done if a crow was about to bite on your pet? Have you ever tried understanding birds? If you are novice you are sometimes quick to misjudge bird's behavior and wonder why you received a bite or why the bird fluttered off your hand, take a look at this video of a crow going full attack mode on one unsuspecting pooch, trying to bite on its tail, for no apparent reason whatsoever! Beware little buddy, the angry bird wants you. Reportedly, mature birds tend to become hormonal once a year in the spring, when the amount of natural light is longer than the amount of darkness. Young birds learn to recognize predators by observing the behavior of other birds. Many species of birds make loud, scolding calls when they discover predators such as owls, cats, or snakes. Birds also use display as a way of settling disputes over food or territory, and to maintain a dominance hierarchy. Aggression between species is common. For example, a blackcap will intimidate a greenfinch, but will itself be seen off by a larger bird such as a great spotted woodpecker. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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German Shepherd Mom Is Captivated By Her Puppies19s

German Shepherd Mom Is Captivated By Her Puppies

Maternal love is a concept that is almost impossible to describe with words. It is a feeling that can only be experienced deep inside. It makes a woman rejoice, looking at her child, experiencing a mixed emotional wonderment for the being she had been carrying under her heart. She felt every movement and stirring within herself and felt one more life inside her, and with it - joy and happiness. The unbearable pain at birth did not dull her feelings, but, on the contrary, strengthened them. She was aided by the desire to meet the long-awaited baby as soon as possible. The first mother's kiss, the first smile, the first teardrop - all this is and will remain just hers until the end of her life. You think we were talking about human mothers, don’t you? Well, not necessarily so. As you can see in the video above, animal mothers show a range of emotions resembling humans to an amazing extent. Pona, the German Shepherd , is a new mother. She seems to be extremely intrigued with her new litter of puppies. She looks at them with pride as only mothers can. She is gathering them in a bunch, making sure every single one of her precious pups is safe and close to her bosom. What a loving and caring mother! Puppies are born absolutely helpless. For twelve days they are completely dependent on the mother. During this period, the mother does not leave the puppies permanently without an emergency. She feeds them with milk, constantly licking her babies, giving them a sort of a massage, and warming them with her body. These puppies will develop fast and soon begin to open their eyes and crawl not only forward, but also back. The mother continues to look after the babies but is not afraid to leave them for a long time. Three weeks after birth, the pups have teeth, they learn to chew, and are able to bite. Their eyesight and hearing will be sufficiently developed by that time. During this period, they are actively engaged with the social environment in which they are located: like little children, the puppies will try to touch, smell, bite and slobber over (if not chew) everything they come across. Their development is facilitated by the desire to play in the canine natural habitat. The mother takes an active part in these games. With the help of the game, she teaches the cubs all the necessary skills for survival. As the pups grow older, the mother makes the game more complicated, teaching the pups not only to fight with each other but also to catch up with potential prey, chase one another or run away from potential danger. Even after the puppy turns into an adult dog, the game will occupy a significant place in their life. So Pona, you have a lot more work to do with these furballs! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

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